Monday, October 19, 2009

NOTD: Extravagance Matte-ified

Now, I've said before I'm not huge into matte. And I'm still not. But I'll say that it does have a time & place - and that I'm very likely going to need another bottle of Matte Magic. I used MM on yesterday's OPI DS Extravagance after I stamped some Konad with Black Special polish & plate m64, and it turned out just like in my head - awesome. Here it is just after Konad:

I like the way the pattern double-stamp ended up on the ring & index fingers, flows a little better than the middle finger. But overall I think this design lends itself well to long nails, even if you don't do a 2nd image.

But wait! Cool as that is, here are the shots after Matte Magic, the real awesomeness:

The sun & overcast pics were taken after work, so there is a bit of glossy tipwear, but not too bad. It had a weird feel to it, when I'd touch my nails over the course of the day, but kind of cool. If you've never worn matte, it's still smooth, but it's not exactly as slick-feeling as glossy. Kind of like a chalkboard.

I am currently actually regretting taking this off, because I am not in love with my new mani. I didn't realize until after I had naked nails that I had no plan of what to do with them. I'll share my mini-disaster with you guys tomorrow night =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. superb, mixing colors, I think I am going to konad, the record is just wonderful

  2. Yes! So beautiful. You show such great manis!
    I love playing with Matte Magic top coat. I really should have bought the whole bucket at Sally's. ;)

  3.! This is the most beautiful thing I have eveeeer seen!!

  4. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    ETHNIMAD - Thank you =)


    MIGHTY LAMBCHOP - I know I'm going to need another bottle =)

    B - Wow, thank you =)

    BROOKE - Thanks =)

  5. wowww beautifull..but why only pics of some designs i like very much..but cant find the tutorial for that designs..


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