Friday, October 23, 2009

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I had every intention of catching up on responding to a week’s worth of comments last night, in additon to posting up a new NOTD, but I ran into some trouble. Came home from work, turned on the computer … no internet. Tried all the normal fixes & even hooked the stupid modem up to my old PC before coming to the conclusion that it was dead.

So, I called tech support, and they said I didn’t need a service call, I could just take it down to the local customer service center (about 10 mins away) & exchange it. Great! I might need to call & authorize the new modem, but it sounded quick & easy & I thought I’d be back in business in short order. Well, not so much.

Went, got the new modem, came home & hooked it up - which involves an acrobatic act of threading cords behind my desk, which is flush against a wall – made sure everything looked good, booted the comp back up … no internet. So, I called tech support again, to authorize it.

Almost an hour later, still no internet. Tech support is clueless & the first available service technician can’t come out until Sunday =( Very lame, totally bogus shit, so I’m posting from work to let you guys know hopefully I’ll be connected to the world again between 2-4 this Sunday.

Thanks for reading ... hopefully back soon.



  1. aaahhhhhh!! I can't stand incompetent cs!! Hopefully you will be back up and running on Sunday though!!

  2. Blogger had troubles late last night early this morning also, I hate when stuff stops working. Here's the guys email from barielle, email him about your label-

  3. Oh no, it's so irritating to be without internet! I hope you'll be back online really soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about the internet...hope you're up and running again soon!

  5. :( I hate dealing with poopy customer service. Good luck getting it fixed fast!

  6. BROOKE - Up & running today, but no thanks to Comcast LOL.

    SPARKINGPINKGORILLA - Thanks - but he beat me to the punch, I had an email waiting when I got my internet back up, and hopefully I'll have my label soon =D

    SOLVEIG - It sucked so bad, because usually when something breaks - I go online to find out how to fix it! LOL

    SHAYLA - Thanks =)

    LIZ - Thanks =)


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