Thursday, October 29, 2009

NOTD: ChG Fortune Teller (2 Ways)

Boy, if I'd had this in my pocket, it would have burned a hole I've been so hot to wear it =) Well, finally close enough to Halloween, and I quite enjoyed it all day long, even though I feel like I didn't get very good pics. It's also been raining all day, so I don't even have any overcast outside pics for you, because I'm made of sugar & would melt if I went out there =) As I think most of you know, this holiday polish was a Sally Beauty exclusive color, China Glaze Fortune Teller:

And here's a glimpse of Stumpy ... err, I mean, Lefty ... with the current matte-ified version (is that a word? Do I really need the hyphen? It looks weird to my with & without LOL). I'm learning to like matte, because it's such a quick way to switch up your whole mani without having to start from scratch. I mean, less than 5 mins & I've got a new look for tomorrow. I think I like this even better than the shiny version:

Tomorrow we have a costume contest at work, I rarely participate but we have a lot of people that get into it, especially as groups. Last year we had a group of girls dress up as an 8-pack box of crayons! Which was pretty cool:

Do you get to do anything fun at your job? We'll also be having treats for monthly birthdays & there are costume prizes for funniest, scariest, etc. Are you guys interested in more costume pics? Let me know =)

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  1. Oh how I miss the Halloween fun! I hope you'll show us pictures of this year's contest.

    I have just received my bottle of Matte about You so I'll try my matte experiments soon. I like the matte-ified version of FT better than the regular one, I think it looks more subdued and elegant that way.

  2. I haven't seen it matte yet and I agree - it looks amazing. I'm doing mine today during my lunch hour and I can't wait!

    Oh and we don't do a lot for Halloween here in he UK. It is "Wear It Pink" day today in support of breast cancer so we are doing that today instead.

  3. I like this more matteified (that's a word and I'm sticking with it! ;)), kinda looks like a volcano erupting!

  4. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    CHOCADDICT - The matte version is even more interesting in person, the orange glitter still catches the light, even though it's not exactly sparkly anymore. I haven't taken it off yet, it's so awesome =)

    HELEN - Thank you =)

    SOLVEIG - Exactly, you get that kind of smoky & lava feel =)

  5. Oh lol looks like a mani i did with a black nubar and topcoat with flakies looking. Amazing how easy it is to dupe some colours :P I kept mine on for several days to cause I really loved it so much :D

  6. forgot some words there.. But I had flakies looking exactly like that ;)

  7. RIJAH - I love flakies - I need to get some more, I only have I think 2 bottles.


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