Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2x Toes

Sooo.... I somehow managed to get really behind with stuff I wanted to post, and I'm going to try & remedy the situation here. To think I used to worry I wouldn't have enough to post about LOL.

First up are 2 pedicures ... 1st one barely counts, because I took it off immediately, it was ugly plus it wouldn't dry right, it got all gummy & gross even with topcoat, and I decided to change it. Fingerpaints Spark My Interest was sill watery & transparent after 4 coats, so I tried to "fix" it with NYX Girls CN228:

The replacement pedi is Icing Purple Pjs & is obviously like 50 times better. I realized I had no pics when I started writing this post, so I quickly took a few ... so please excuse both the tipwear & the sock lint:

Sigh, too bad it's no longer sandal season to show off this nice dark purple. Thanks for reading.



  1. I love the icing pedicure so pretty.

  2. What a gorgeous shade on your tootsies! Love the Icing pedicure. You can still wear your sandals. Then the rest of your feet can be the same color as your toes! Shame the first pedi didn't work out. That was pretty also.

  3. TAMI - Thanks =)

    LUCY - LOL! I would have some cold tootsies, they're already saying snow tomorrow =(


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