Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Hauls

So, after I stopped at Sally's today, I realized I had never posted up the stuff I got last week. So I'll post this in the order I made the purchases, but I'll tell you right now the REALLY good stuff is at the end =)

First up, last Friday's Big Lots haul. Not like I really NEEDED any of these, but cheap polish is hard to resist:

All Revlon colors. Left to right top: Please Me Pink, Lilac Lingerie, Light & Plummy. Left to right bottom: Steel-her Heart, Crushed Crimson, Blackberry, Sheer Mauve.

Next is Walgreens from I think Monday. I stopped for a prescription & I really only went over by the polish because I've heard Opulent Cloud (limited edition Sally Hansen) is on the shelves some places & I'd really like a bottle. Well, I didn't find any (yet) but I did find a Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween display:

Top row: Magical & Deception. Bottom row is the loose glitters, Imagination & Myth.

Finally we have tonight's Sally haul ... I'm sure you can guess what I was looking for, and I found them & then some:

All China Glaze. Top row: Fortune Teller, Matte Magic, and the until now unfindable Metallic Muse. Bottom row: Liquid Leather, White on White & Cleopatra. I didn't intend on getting so much, but once I was in there I remembered I wanted a new bottle of black & of white, and thought I might as well add a few more bottles to take full advantage of my monthly 15% off coupon. If you have their Sally card, it's pretty easy to spend $25/month to get the discount the following month. I think I've only missed one since I got my card.

I am so excited I finally found Metallic Muse! I was going to do another water marble design (I've got dreams of holo over black) but that will have to wait until I test drive Muse =) I should have NOTD pics for you all tomorrow. Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh I want the Matte Magic, so badly .)

  2. It is really hard to resist buying a few cheap polishes. It's not like you are spending say $18 per bottle (rescue beauty lounge). lol

  3. I think the 15% off the following month is only in the US, as I never got one :-) Most of my spending at Sally is for China Glaze

  4. halifax: i don't know about the coupon, but you can definitely get the sally card in canada. it's $5 OR free if you're in the aesthetics/cosmetics trade (show id & they'll allow you to register for the card)

  5. Nice polishes from Big Lots. I got some Fantasy Maker but not these. I want Fortune Teller!

  6. ALLYOUDESIRE - I was kind of surprised to find it, I've gotten used to being dissapointed by my local Sallys

    DENNY - LOL exactly =)

    HALIFAX - That's kind of lame, everyone should get the discount!

    SUSUWATARI - Thanks for answering in my absence =)

    LUCY - I can't wait to wear it! I'm going to do so a little closer to Halloween.

  7. Hi! I love your blog! :)
    Do you know if its still possible to buy Fortune Teller? I want to get it really badly!

  8. ANNA - I haven't seen it in any stores for this Halloween, but it may still be available online if you look around the e-tailers, or maybe ebay =)


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