Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NOTD: OPI DS Illuminate

Here we go, yay short nubbins! LOL I know, I'm a whiner =)

Sun was in the forecast, so I wanted to wear something that really would benefit from sun pics & thankfully it held until afternoon when I got out of work =) I couldn't quite get the camera to cooperate & capture the green flash of this polish, except in the bottle pic. It's an unexpected contrast to the rich brown base, and this is one of those holos that's more subtle, rather than super-blingy, so I had to do some out of focus stuff to really catch it. From the OPI Designer Series, this is Illuminate:

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  1. I love all the holos. Good thing you captured all the beauty in the sunshine. There isn't any here where I live. It's been doing nothing but raining and I'm tired of it. Your nails look magnificent!

  2. I wish the sun would come out here, it has snowed over an inch here today! Beautiful polish, I love how unique it is!

  3. I love this color ! I think OPI did here a great combination between holo and brown :-)

  4. I have this from Mary and I love it. I haven't done a full mani with it yet but it is coming soon! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. This is a great polish. It's not a boring brown at all!

  6. Hi Colette! Short and sweet today: I love it! I agree with Lambchop, not a boring brown.

  7. LUCY - it's a pretty rare sight around here too, I was out for almost an hour after work enjoying it =)

    GILDEDANGEL - AHH! The "S" word LOL ... we had a few inches that melted right away, I'm not looking forward to the real thing.

    TULI - Thanks, I agree =)

    HELEN - Thank you =)

    MIGHTYLAMBCHOP - Thanks =)

    MICHELLE - Thanks =)


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