Saturday, October 24, 2009

Customer Service: Comcast vs. Barielle

I've just had a couple of customer service experiences - one very good & one very bad. Now, those of you who read Friday's post may think that since I am back online a day early, Comcast is going to get the good review, but NO. That is totally not the case - I am back online through my own stubbornness & no thanks to their guy who I can only say was both irritating & unhelpful for the nearly hour he didn't help me do anything useful. I can only come to the conclusion that he didn't know how long the modem needed to be unplugged to reset itself - which seems like pretty freaking basic information - because even though we went through unplugging & resetting both the modem & the pc multiple times, it didn't work. With nothing to lose, I left it unplugged overnight, turned it on - well here I am. So, thumbs down for Comcast.

The thumbs up goes to Barielle. When I got my order a few months ago, one of the bottles had no label on the bottom. I emailed requesting a new one, but didn't hear anything back - I didn't consider it a big deal at the time, but I recently made reference to it on another blog. SparklingPinkGorilla gave me the email of the rep that helped her, but he saw her post & beat me to it! This Adam guy is on top of it =) So I'll soon have my replacement sticker & that will make me a petty happy camper.

Customer service really can be so hit & miss. Not even just company to company, but particular reps at each company. I mean, some people just obviously don't give a damn, and some do.

Next post will, I swear, have some pictures for you guys =) Thanks for reading.



  1. I understand. I made some guy angry tonight because I refused to do a return on an electrical item without receipt. Not much I could do there, it's policy. However, I made several people happy by giving discounts on defective items. Oh well...

  2. WOW he is on top of things! Barielle should give him a raise. I'm so happy to hear things worked out for you. And I can't wait to make my next Barielle order.

  3. Girl I hear you. Calling customer service and not getting the assitance you need can be VERY frustrating. I mean aren't they there to help the customer?!? I do give them the thumbs up when the job is complete and the rep happens to go above and beyond. It just seems as though people don't really want customer service type jobs. I know I'd be good at it if I did it, BUT until that day comes. lol

  4. MIGHTY LAMBCHOP - I try not to be one of those irate people that make things hard on a CSR, I know most are just trying to do their best within the rules.

    SPARKLINGPINKGORILLA - For sure he deserves one =)

    DENNY - I just wish if they didn't know the answer, they'd just admit it! & call over someone else who actually knows how to fix the problem instead of faking it.


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