Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Are you kidding me? 150 people give a damn what I think? Sweet! =) I love you guys. No nails pics tonight, but I'm getting ready to put Fortune Teller on my nails! I can hardly wait.

The other day I promised to show you the other treat from Truffles & Tortes, I ate it the other day after I cut my nails down. This one is called Concerto, and has caramel & vanilla mousse inside:

Yum! Wish we all had one right now LOL. Thanks for reading.



  1. Congrats for 150 followers !! And what is this gorgeous thing ? Yummy !!! It's just 7:30AM here and I already have craving for

  2. Congrats sweetie! You've been a favorite since the beginning. Why are you torturing me at 4AM with this dessert. I need to go to bed but now I want some chocolate. I'm trying to ignore the bags of chocolate in the closet for Halloween.

  3. That dessert looks amazing! And it's breakfast time here!

    I'm going to put Fortune Teller on tomorrow and I can't wait either!

    Congrats on the followers and keep up the good work - I love your blog :)

  4. Congrats on your gang of followers! You keep it interesting and honest and we appreciate it. Oh and I really feel like baking now, that looks too delicious :P

  5. Congrats!!!! It is so nice to know others care what you say, especially when you put so much hard work into it.

    Also - I need that dessert in my mouth like NOW!!

  6. OMG! That looks soooo good!!!! Congrats on 150 that's awesome!

  7. Congrats on your 150! You are awesome! Now, please send me the dessert!

  8. YUMMMM! It looks amazing!
    Congrats on your followers! You totally deserve it, of course :D

  9. 150 followers? And I thought I was doing good with my 20, lol. Congrats!

    Also...I need to get me some of those desserts. They look absolutely delicious!

  10. Come on - a description and a picture? You're really making my mouth water. I don't think I have money for small, delicious desserts like this, but oh my gosh!

  11. Holy guacamole that is some sweet treat you got there. *drool*

  12. TULI - LOL, nothing wrong with chocolate for breakfast =)

    LUCY - Thanks =) You save that candy for the kids!

    HELEN - Thank you =)

    DOO - Wow, I consider that a HIGH compliment, to pick those 2 words to describe my blog =D Thank you

    BROOKE - Thanks! It's kind of tortue to myself now LOL, since I don't have another & keep seeing it!


    MIGHTY LAMBCHOP - Thank you =)

    NICOLE - Thanks =)

    SHAYLA - Thanks =) "If you build it, they will come" LOL I never would have guessed when I started I'd be at this point.

    DANICA - I'll admit it was a spendy treat ($4.50 I think) but worth it for a special indulgence =)

    SELINA - LOL =)


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