Monday, October 5, 2009

NOTD: ChG OMGs Marble

I started out with Sally Hansen Black Diamond for the base, since last time the transparency of the marble bugged me a little. I think any dark color would be a good base for holo marbling. Here are a couple pics of my sloppy application, 2 coats no topcoat:

Then, I picked 5 colors from the China Glaze OMG Collection:

Left to right: OMG, IDK, DV8, LOL, & 2NITE. I'm still kind of in a learning curve what order of drops will make what color pop out most ... kind of a learning curve with the whole process actually LOL. Last time I half lazied out & did 2 fingers at a time, this time I did each individually & I am happier with placement of the pattern, but I have a lot to learn before I think I can get the same look on each nail. Excuse the few bubbles - I think they come from either not putting the nail down parallel to the water, or from water droplets you don't get off the nail. If anyone with more experience has any tips to avoid this, please share! Also please excuse the smudge on my right ring finger, that happened trying to tape the rest of my nails ... might be a good idea to get strips of tape ready beforehand or get a more user friendly dispenser.

Still, minor issues aside, this is AWESOME & I love it very much:

& my thumbs turned out the best, particularly my little right nub which is usually my most hated nail:

If you haven't tried water marbling, I encourage you to "take the plunge" (yes, I know the pun is the lowest form of humor =) ). It's easier than you think, & probably quicker too - from base to top coat this took me less than an hour.

For those of you wondering what I'm doing up so far past my bedtime on a work night, the Packers just finished getting their asses handed to them by the Vikings =) And while I'm not normally huge into sports, this was rather historic & lived up to the hype, lots of big plays & stupid plays & turnovers & challenges & such. But I do have to get to bed ... Thanks for reading.



  1. O.M.G!!!! That look phenomenal! Best marbling idea EVAR!! :D

  2. This is gorgeous! You don't have to have your nails look the same with the marbling. Real marble veining isn't all alike. You've done a brilliant job.

  3. This is beautiful! Yes, I must give it a try. I just got two new holos today from my Victoria Nail Supply shipment. Is there a video tutorial on YouTube I could follow??

  4. Love the colors and the marbling came out perfect

  5. That marbling effect came out WONDERFUL! WOW!

  6. That looks amazing :) effect is beautiful :D

  7. This looks awesome! I really want to try this I am just soo lazy!

  8. You did an amazing job! I love the colours you used.

  9. NIXXY - Thank you =)

    LUCY - I know what you mean but I would like them a little more uniform in the color distribution ... but I think that's just because I feel cheated, using so many colors & can't see them all on some of the nails.

    THE PBG - There are a TON of videos on YouTube. I think I will try & post up the couple in particular that helped me out, maybe tomorrow.

    PRINCESS - Thank you =)

    NIHRIDA - Thanks =)

    RIJAH - Thank you =)

    CONTESTS - It is fun & not as much work as you might think =) The tape saves so much cleanup.

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks =)

    PINKGINGER - Thank you =)

  10. Ooh, lovely! I love the marbled effect on your nail, and want to try the same thing for myself. But there are just a couple of questions I have. One, you said that any dark color is a great color for a holo marble base. So does this mean I can use my OPI Lincoln Park After Dark as a base for any marble I want to try and create? And two, how long must a nail be to attempt water marbling? Because even though my nails are growing (and FINALLY not breaking), I still feel like they're too short for any kind of nail art.

  11. So very gorgeous!!! I love the color combination, dark base is just awesome with holo marbling.

  12. That looks stunning. I really like how it turned out. I really love how the holos look over the black base. I have to try that one day

  13. NAILINGLIFE - I haven't tried that particular color, but I think it would work fine. You don't even HAVE to use a base color if you don't want to, I have done marble over just a basecoat but it was a bit transparent for my taste.

    As to length, the longer your nails the more room you have for the design of course, but I don't see any reason you couldn't marble on short nails =)

    AMABILE - Thank you =)

    S - Thanks, can't wait to see your version =)

  14. Hi! I was wondering if you have polishes such as OMG that you want to get rid, could you let me know? sorry I couldn't find your email so I'm leaving in the comment box. I'm a big fan of yours!


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