Friday, January 15, 2010

TOTD: Maybelline Plushed Plum & New Shoes

I told myself when the snow started flying (back in October BTW, which just wasn't fair) that I would endeavor to take better care of my feet this winter, so I wasn't having to scramble to make them presentable once summer came 'round again.  Well, I haven't exactly fallen off the wagon, but I'm hanging on tooth & nail if you'll forgive the pun.

Last week, I took off my polish one day, trimmed them the next, and then was procrastinating on actually painting them ... even though I have totally cute pink toe-less pedi-socks to keep my feet warm when I do so.  Well, then I saw Nihirda's interview with Jake AKA toepaintguy (on Flickr) and seeing his perfect pedicure inspired me to get my butt in gear. 

That was over a week ago LOL, but I'm finally getting around to posting the pics, so here we go.  Please forgive my toenails, they're shorter than I really like right now but I have a tendency to hack them as low as possible in winter so I don't have to do it as often.  I may have to back off from that practice since I'm no longer the only one looking at them during these cold months =)  This is Maybelline Plushed Plum:

Do you keep up a pedi in the winter?  Or is it too much hassle for something you usually only get to see in the shower?  =)  I did have cause to be thankful they were presentable however, when I went shoe shopping.   I actually got a compliment on them!  And these 2 pair of shoes that I picked up really show my personality from one end to the other ... here we have a perfectly sensible pair of Sketchers, on clearance $70 marked down to $28:

I love Sketchers, but I hate paying full price so this was a great find for me.  I got them at Kohls.  Then I went down a few stores & hit DSW & found these awesome and not so sensible platform wedge sandals for when summer eventually arrives:

They are so cute on my feet, and actually pretty comfortable for 5" heels.  I didn't get them at first, but then I went back & I'm glad I did - I had mistaken the gold label for an orange label originally - orange is only 20%, but gold is 80% - so they were only $12!  Mom always tells me "You're already tall" but I like being tall. I also got a great compliment on my current manicure & gave the nice sales associate my blog address so  she could check out my marbling tutorials - I didn't catch her name but hi!  & I hope you have fun looking around =)

Tomorrow I'm going to edit pics & get caught up posting & then try to get caught up with comments ... I got about halfway through comments last weekend before I got distracted.  It's the only resolution that I'm not living up to, so I really feel bad but I think if I can just get caught up with my backlog that maybe I can stay on top of it.  But I don't want to answer current comments when I have week-old ones still sitting around .... we'll see if I can live up to my intentions this time LOL.  Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. That polish is gorgeous and those wedges are so cute!

  2. Love the wedges! And pretty feet. To answer your question, my feet are a mess :')

  3. I LOVE both pairs of shoes you bought! You got great deals on them. Have you seen the new konad plates? I'm hoping for new special polish colors soon. Michelle

  4. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    MICHELE - LOL, it's so tempting to let them go in the winter =)

    MICHELLE - I have, & I definitely want a couple of them!

  5. i always have my toenails painted because im almost always barefoot. i HATE shoes and socks. i have a hard time finding shoes because im so tall, and i wear a size 12. so i always need to get flats which arent inspiring to me! i wear flipflops throughout the winter unless the ground is wet/snow covered. (= love the wedges!

  6. Gorgeous pedicure. You do have cute toes. I like to keep my toenails cut short. Long toenails kinda gag me. I don't keep them painted and I really should. I do keep them cut and neat. I just get dry heels in the winter. Drives me crazy because I always use lots of cremes and now I'm using vaseline with socks on. Those shoes are both cute. Those wedges are really adorable. I just can't imagine wearing shoes that high!

  7. CATHRYN - Oh man, I can't imagine wearing flip-flops in the winter! But then I am a baby about the cold LOL.

    LUCY - Thank you =)

  8. Cool I like those shoes and you are right other than the color they look just like the Dior Runway model, and matching pedi to boot, I love it!

  9. NORA - things are melting here, I'll actually be able to wear them soon LOL


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