Sunday, January 24, 2010

Almost NOTD: Nubar Gold Feather

I have to say, this is the first Nubar polish that I wasn't in love with.  In fact, I was SO not in love that I ended up taking it off without even finishing the mani with a topcoat.  In the bottle this has a heavy green shimmer that almost makes this polish a duo-chrome, but on the nail the green takes over more than I like, yet in pictures you can't really see it at all!  It shows a little bit under the natural lamp, but changes over to the gold flash that you will see in the camera flash shots.  But my main problem with this polish was that it was ridiculously sheer, looking at it in the bottle you would never guess.

Here I have 3 coats except on my ring finger & pinky I've used 4 & I still had VNL & that's when I made the call to stop & take it off.  Here is Nubar Gold Feather:

This was going to be my NOTD on Friday before I decided it was a fail ... I was much happier with the funky french I have coming up for you all after I edit the pics =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. I ALMOST put this in my e-cart just today....glad I read your post! I wouldn't have been happy either....GO VIKINGS!!!!! :)

    You do have beautiful nails.

  2. I think I know what you mean. It's not a bad nail polish, but there are so maaany pretty ones out there to compete with..
    I am in love with most other Nubar duochromes though <3

  3. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    YARDSTICKS - Thank you =) (Poor Vikings ;_;)

    MICHELE - Exactly =)


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