Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini Follow-Up Review: Skin MD Natural

To see my initial review, you can check out the original post HERE

When I finished my review of this lotion, I gave the rest of the bottle to my mom.  Even though I said I would post back with her results, I'd really kind of forgotten & wasn't planning on it until we talked about it the other night. 

While I wasn't overly impressed, my mom LOVES this lotion.  She has very dry, sensitive skin.  She is always on the lookout for a better lotion or cream & probably has 20 different brands - but she was so impressed with the Skin MD that she said she would consider getting rid of everything else & just using it, which isn't something she'd say about anything else in her arsenal.

The other thing is that for her job she can't wear anything that has a lot of scent.  She is a sensory panelist (read: food taster) for General Mills & if they come in smelling like who knows what it can throw off what they're picking up from whatever they happen to be testing.

So, just goes to show you that to each their own.  She had me look up where locally she can buy this because she wants more once she uses up my sample =)

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