Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Park

What a mouthful!  We usually just call it the conservatory, LOL.  I didn't take any outside pics, but I went on their website & here is the official one, a nice summer shot:

There's another section that you can't see from this angle, and it was of course covered in snow at this time of year, but who cares!  Because once you get inside, you can forget all about winter, with high humidity & temps close to 80:

A lot of the exhibits don't change all the time, so a few of these pics are from our trip last year (of stuff I didn't take pics of again this year LOL).  I actually didn't take a ton of pics, I was too busy absorbing warmth & oxygen LOL, but here's a taste of the beautiful plants, statuary & animals:

Many of the animals in the tropical section are not even behind bars or walls.  One of those is the sloth, Chloe - who for a change was awake this year!  Every year we have seen her she has been in her tree sleeping, but this year she was awake & I took some video =)  Some of the commentary you can hear in the background is from my mom, check out this exotic creature in motion:

So that was kind of the highlight of the trip =)  If I lived closer, I think I'd hang out there all winter & just read or bring a laptop or something.  There is no charge to get in, although they do encourage you to make a donation.  Do you have someplace in your town where you can go to escape the winter chill?

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  1. I don't live very close either, but I make it a point to get to Como every Spring. The flowers there are so beautiful! My favorite room is the one with the koi pond. I remember when I was 7 a wedding party had their pictures taken there, I'm going to do the same thing!

  2. Gorgeous pictures ! This looks like such a beautiful place - thank you for sharing :-)

  3. Oh, that's so cool! We don't have that kind of place. At all. Thank you for posting these photos and video. That sloth reminds me so much of me...she wakes up just to scratch. =) Kind of like me.

  4. Great stuff! You can follow us on Facebook (Como Park Zoo & Conservatory) & Twitter @ comozoo!

    Matt @ Como

  5. GET NAILED - It would be an awesome place for wedding pictures, I agree =)

    ANGIE - TULI - NIHRIDA - Thanks & you're welcome =)

    MATT - Cool, I didn't know the conservatory had so many social pages =)


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