Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NOTD: Purple Sponging Gradient + Tutorial

I guess I forgot to take a shot of this base color by itself before I started sponging, I think because I'd already put my camera on the tripod & was distracted with a few other things too, so you'll have to forgive me & just imagine =)  This reminds me of a Zoya lemming that I still have, except I think it's a lot lighter.  I want to say the Zoya color is called Zara?  Lavender with golden sparkle.  Finger Paints Lilac Lagoon could also be described as lavender with golden sparkle, but it was so light it almost looked pink on my nails at first ... I think having China Glaze Grape Juice on the tips reinforces this as an actual purple:

My mom liked the green one I did & said I should do a tutorial so I did ... kind of quick & easy but there's really not much to sponging, just get a sponge & dive in!  Enjoy:

Then tonight I just added some Matte Magic since I didn't feel like a full redo of my mani, and here's what it looks like with that finish:

Bedtime now (past actually LOL), but more to come later as always =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. Love this look. But not mattified. =)

  2. Thanks for the video, a lot easier to understand lol

  3. I like these colors together. I like the matte, it looks velvety

  4. Great look! I'll have to watch the tut later (at work now- shhhh!) but I'm sure it's great!

  5. This is so lovely!
    The video is great and very helpful to me.

  6. Very nice!! And thanks for sharing the video with us, I loved it :-)

  7. Nice mani, I love those colors. And thanks for the tutorial !

  8. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    NIHRIDA - Thank you ... I kind of agree on the matte LOL, it's always an experiment & this wasn't quite a fail but definitely not my favorite

    HALIFAX - You're welcome =)

    ANGE-MARIE - Thanks =)

    CONTESTS - LOL I sneak peeks when I shouldn't be too =)


  9. Omg super cute i have Matte Magic also!


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