Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naked Nails (1-4-10) & 200 Followers!

I can't believe I'm up to 200 followers!  *waves*  Glad you all enjoy & hope I can keep entertaining you LOL.  I'm still getting back into my schedule after the holidays, I've got 2 NOTDs & a Guest NOTD to post up, but those involve rather a lot of pictures & cropping, so I'm putting them off until hopefully tomorrow.

My nails have made a lot of progress this year. I still have a few that are giving me issues, but overall they are in such better shape than they've ever been before.

One of my last problem children is my right index. I broke it almost off about a month or maybe a little bit more ago.  I've kept it patched so that it could grow out painlessly & past the tip of my finger, which has worked pretty well, but I cut it back just prior to taking these pics. Also in the pics you'll see my right middle, which perennially peels, chips & cracks on the inside corner.

The other 2 nails that have been giving me issues are my left thumb, which has a tear in the corner I'm growing out, and my left index, which started curving on the inside edge, peeled a little there - and then that corner broke off.  Since it was the part that was already peeling, it actually doesn't look much different that it did before the break, but I don't really understand what made this nail start curving again ... the left middle was also suffering from that a few months ago but after hacking them all short, it grew out straight (so far *knock on wood*).

Last bit of rambling is that I strayed from my trusty ProStrong base coat & I started to notice my nails getting yellow. So I switched back, but they're not quite recovered yet. OK, pics finally =)

So there you have it =) Thanks for reading.



  1. Lol I hate that your short nail is basically as long as my longest nail! My nails fail! They look nice and healthy, so you must be doing something right!! =)

    Oh and way to go on 200 followers!!

  2. Wow, your nails look so very healthy!

    I'm sure you may have mentioned this before in a past post, but what base coat do you use to keep your nails non-yellow?

    Thanks! and Congrats on the 200 followers! You definitely deserve it! You have great info, pics, and videos! :)

  3. Your nails look gorgeous even without polish. :)
    I like the shorter lenght of your right index finger, you should keep them all that way! ;)

  4. Your nails are gorgeous! That's all I'm gonna say.

  5. Your nails look great, I was wondering about all your techinques to keep them so nice, like, base coat, remover, cuticle oil?? What do you do? Congrats on 200 followers, I love your posts. You got me hooked on nail polish

  6. Congrats sweetie on all of your followers! What yellow nails? Mine are horrible. You have such beautifully shaped nails. They look gorgeous even nekkid!

  7. Beautiful nails. I think you did say it before, but I would be interested to know what you use to prevent your nails from being yellow.

  8. KELSEALAUREL - Thanks =)

    JINGIN - My normal base coat is from a brand I don't see too much on other blogs, it is called ProStrong, and what I use is their Instant Nail Builder.

    ANDREJA - Thank you =)

    NIHRIDA - Thank you =)

    MISSBECCAGLK - I use ProStrong Instant Nail Builder for my base, generic polish remover from Target, and Mango Magic cuticle oil. Maybe I will do a maintenance post soon, it has been a while & a few of my products have changed.

    LUCY - Thank you =D

    NESSA - Other than my base coat, the only thing I can think that may help is exfoiliating my hands & nails in between manis. Not every time unfortunately, but at least 2-3 times a week so like every other mani.

  9. SOLVEIG - Ooops almost missed you - Thank you but I think I'd go crazy if all my nails were that short LOL!


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