Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mini Haul (My Mostly Planned No-Buy Exception)

Well, seems like swatches of the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection have been around for weeks, and I knew from the moment I first laid eyes on it that Absolutely Alice had to be mine.  I also knew that if I bought it online, I wold give in to additional polish - you know, to justify the shipping charges.  So I very patiently waited for it to arrive at Ulta ... and waited ... and waited ... and finally was rewarded today =)  
I wasn't sure about Mad As A Hatter until I actually saw it, but I gave in when I picked it up.  Then, how could I pass up clearance on the OPI 2-pack for $5?  The China Glaze doesn't count as breaking my no-buy  either because it was free ... got a bottle of Seche at Sally's & the SA tells me it's buy 1 get one ChG free!  So I kind of randomly grabbed, but I think Spontaneous might end up being paired with MAAH for a mani ... we'll see:

Right to left:  China Glaze Spontaneous, OPI My Big Break, Fit for a Queensland, Mad as a Hatter, Absolutely Alice.

And yes, AA is going on my nails this very moment ... pics to come tomorrow =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. great haul, I love CG and OPI, Absolutely Alice is amazing!

  2. Nice haul, I can't wait to see AA on your nails as I think it's a real gorgeous color :)

  3. WOW 2 OPI's for $5? Thats amazing. Here in Australia they cost $19.95 EACH. You guys are soo lucky in America, everythings cheaper lol. Anyway, I have Spontaneous and its a bit of an 'eh' colour, not too flash. But paired with mad as a hatter, I think it would look fab :)

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  5. For just randomly grabbing you picked a great one! I love Spontaneous! One of my favorites! I have MAAH coming in the mail soon and I think those two would look lovely together! Can't wait to see it!

  6. i nominated you for a best nail-blogger award!

  7. GILDEDANGEL - BABYD - AYUU - Thank you =)

    KRISSY - I actually loved Spontaneous on it's own, MAAH did look good with it but I wasn't totally happy with the zig-zag look I ended up going with.

    DISTANTDREAMER - I can't take all the credit on Spontaneous, Tee was with me & she helped me pick =)

    SEH - I'm a little late, but thank you so much!


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