Thursday, January 14, 2010

NOTD: Flower/Starburst Matte-ified

I've got to start out apologizing for the sporadic way I've been posting lately.  It seems a little late to blame it on the holidays LOL, but I feel like my normal routine got interrupted & I still haven't quite got myself back into the groove.

As planned, I hit up the last marble I showed you guys with China Glaze Matte Magic, and the results were awesome, you can see the details much better & in this version leans a bit more back towards a flower instead of a starburst =)

I have 2 more marble manis to show you guys, but I don't think I'll get them up tonight.  I usually get home late on Fridays, so they may not show up until Saturday, but let me just tell you that one of them is an early contender for my 2010 top 20.  I really can't wait to show it off & will hopefully find some sun to take advantage of =)  Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. I think I like it even better this way! Beautiful!!!

  2. That looks great, almost like one of those magnet polishes ;D

  3. That is so stunning, I like it matte and holo-gliterry! lol so when can I come by for a marble mani?! :)

  4. omigooooooosh i LOVE it! nail envy ensues!

  5. It's really pretty, I love how it ended both ways, matte or not ^^

  6. Great!

    And there is more to come?

    *jumpes up and down... =O

  7. Spectacular manicure. I woudl say this is one of the best marbling manicures i have seen in all times

  8. This is stunning!

  9. Wow, very impressive! It turned out great... and I love your choice of soft colors!

  10. Ohh Wauw this is stunning!!!! I like this very very much. Its awesome!!!

  11. AURORA - Thank you =)

    GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    RIJAH - I wish had one of those to compare it with =)

    KAE - LOL too bad you don't live closer - but you should give it a try yourself!

    CATHRYN - LOL Thanks =)

    AYUU - Thank you =)

    THESS - I hope you like them =)

    LIZA - Thank you =)

    ANGE-MARIE - Thanks =)

    POLISH HOARDER - Thank you =)

    ROMIKA - Thanks =)

  12. Very pretty. Love your color combinations.

  13. your tutorials are fantastic! thanks a lot for all the videos in youtube.


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