Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I have a lot of them this year, from the large to the small. I've already been trying to implement some of them, but what is it about the mental milestone of January 1st that makes it seem like such a good time to change?

  • Losing Weight - This is a perennial resolution. I even usually make progress, but it has been really slow. I will get seriously going for a few months & then fall off. I don't gain back what I've lost, so much as just stall in my progress. Here's to making steady progress. I got a new yoga mat to replace the one I wore out for Christmas, and I have prevented the stationary bike from turning into a coat tree, so I'm still on the right path LOL
  • Budget - Well, I'm not actually putting myself on a budget, so much as I'm trying to become more aware of how much I'm spending & how often & what on. I'd like to save some money & look at buying a new - or at least newer - car this spring. I made up a budget spreadsheet, so when I go out & blow money on nail polish it's right there in my face, not buried with the rest of the receipts & entered onto my ledger with no real thought.
  • Schedule - Just generally getting my ass in gear. I can honestly sit & stare into space, daydream or just zone out for long periods of time that could be put to much better use. I wouldn't have so much unfinished crap if I'd just DO it instead of procrastinating.
  • Reading - I was disappointed with my total number of books for 2009. I'll be posting my last books of 2009 sometime this weekend, I didn't quite make it to 80. Some of you are probably thinking, "WTF?!?!" but my average was less than 2 books a week & for me that's kind of disappointing. My total for 2008 was 130, I doubt I can get that many read now that blogging has become such a hobby, but for 2010 I would like to hit or break 100.
  • Socializing - I'm kind of anti-social. Actually, pretty phobic about it, like those commercials for social anxiety disorder? I get extremely nervous around strangers. At the same time, I get lonely, I wish I had more friends, and - while I enjoy chatting with you all - I know I'm not going to make new friends hiding at home. Tee always wants me to go out with her. So I'll resolve to try & go out with her more this year than last ... I think last time we went out - OUT out, like make plans & dress nice out - about 3 times. Damn sad I know. & a goal it shouldn't be hard to beat.
  • Comments - Especially over the holidays, I've had a few times where I've fallen WAY behind with comments. I'm going to try, seriously, to stay on top of them. I've made this resolution before, so we'll see what kind of a job I do.
  • Throughout Me - I've got to post more on my 2nd blog. I've got to write more, draw more, do more to put on there. There was a time when I was writing faithfully every day. I'd like to get back to that point.

So, what kind of resolutions do you have? Serious ones or even ones you may have every intention of breaking LOL. (Maybe: No chocolate this year!?) Maybe not even anything so firm as a resolution, maybe just a thought or a hope you'd like to carry through the year. Hard to resolve to be always happy, easier to try every day to fully appreciate life.

Well, lots of rambling, and no pics at all this post! Not to worry. The nails, novels, and other simple little pleasures will return shortly =) I have quite a backlog to catchup with this weekend, at least 5 posts currently in draft, and all intentions of posting them up soon. Here's to another year. Thanks for reading.



  1. Holy hell that's a lot of books!!! I am very very impressed and jealous! I am a really slow reader and don't do it often (I'm more of a science and math girl) but I wish I could have more time to read or read faster lol. Hats off to you!

  2. colette i have missed your blog! we pretty much have all the same resolutions which is crazy! which losing weight is also numero uno for me as well..

  3. I know I have to get back on my diet. I also have to catch up on reading. I read less and less each year. Ever since I got a computer the reading has suffered. I also have to cut way back on all of the nail blogs I read and comment on. It's just too much to keep up with. I hate not being able to read everything.

  4. Colette, I've always wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading and commenting on your blog! I love how you always respond to everyone, that is so nice of you. To me, that makes your blog very special and different from so many others! Michelle.

  5. KELSEALAUREL - Thanks! I have always been a heavy reader =)

    TIFFANY - I hope you're doing as well with yours as I am!

    LUCY - I know what you mean - I feel bad because I am either behind with books or with blogs, whichever I am neglecting at the time I am guilty over.

    MICHELLE - Thanks so much =) It is a big job sometimes but I really do appreciate every comment & have been very lucky to very rarely get anything negative or spam.


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