Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am ... Such a Spazz

LMAO, so I had it in my head that my blogiversary was on January 19th ... in other words, TODAY, and I planned a cool mani & got all set to post, and just thought "Hmmm, maybe I'll double-check the date" so that I'm not early ... nope, not early, LATE.  By like almost a week LOL.  My 1-year blogiversary was in fact on the 14th.  At least I did post that day, the matte-ified flower marble, but I think that this is proof that I am, in fact, a total spazz.

So, here we have my belated blogiversary mani =)  Something never before seen on MSLP!  Glimpsed only when I hauled them in the first place:  nail foils!  I've heard so much good & bad about these, and I can say I had a little bit of both worlds applying them, but overall I'm impressed & I'd do it again & think my results will improve when my technique is not so amateur. 

The main complaint around the blogs seemed to be that the "special" foil sealer that comes with the nail foils causes crinkling/wrinkling/cloudy/anti-bling crappiness.  The 2 tips to combat that downfall were to let the glue set fully after applying the foil, and to use a regular-to-slow drying top coat.  I did a test on a nail wheel of 6 different top coats I was able to find in my stash:

Left to  right:  Nubar Diamant, Sally Hanson Salon Clear'd For Takeoff, ProStrong Instant Thickening Top Coat, Cina Top Coat, Seche Vite, Foil Sealer

Here are the results with red foil, in the same order.  Some of the cracks are due to my application, not the topcoat, but you can see there's a wide range of wrinkling & clouding:

I chose #3, the ProStrong topcoat.  My biggest challenge was getting the foil onto my nail without any creases.  Creases = spots the foil doesn't stick & you either get a bare patch or have to go back & re-foil which sounds easy but I was impatient & some of my patches turned out better than others.  I used China Glaze Devotion as a base color so the bare spots weren't  glaringly obvious, but I didn't clean up at all so excuse the mess:

Here's the actual roll, and a comparison on my thumb where I thought maybe I could get away with Seche over the ProStrong (not so much):

Not my finest mani, but good enough for a day. Final verdict - still pretty damn bling, even with the issues I had. Unfortunately it didn't wear for crap & here we are after a day at work:

You can see totally half of the foil on my index finger is gone.  Maybe I should have done 2 coats of topcoat?  The nails that fared the best seem to be the ones that went on smoothest, so maybe if I improved my technique the wear would improve?  We'll see ... I've got a lot more of this stuff to use LOL.

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  1. Love this! It's very well done too. I could't stop staring at them if they were mine :-D, congrats on 1 year (and 5 days) of blogging! ;-D

  2. Hi Colette :)
    So I guess a "Happy belated 1st blogiversary" would be appropriate here, wouldn't it? ^_^ hahaha I can totally related because I'm very bad at remembering dates as well.
    I've never tried foils myself but like you did I've read both rants and raves about them, but I've also read that the LA Girl top coat is very nice to use on them. Anyways I think that for a first try your mani looked great, too bad it didn't last very long :/

  3. Thanks so much for the comparisons. I would love to try this out, but after Brooke's photos at GetchaNailsDid with the special sealer I was scared to spend money on foils. Now I think I'll try it out.

    Oh man. You are going to make me go broke.

  4. You are brave! I think i will worry about getting my nails more healthy than doing something like this. It does look pretty dang blog tho. Happy 1 year!

  5. Happy blogiversary !
    I love your foils, they look good even if they didn't last long. I should try these :)

  6. Happy Anniversary Colette! I'm lucky I remember my own birthday. I suck at remembering dates. Love that foily manicure. I'll let you stick to doing that. I can barely get my polish on decently. There are so many gorgeous foils out there. If your start collecting them plus the polishes, nowhere for you to live!

  7. Happy late anniversary! I LOVE the foils!

  8. OOH-LA-LA....I can't wait to try this! Where do you buy the foils?

  9. Gahhhh! I am dying to get my hands on foils! Where oh where did you get those beauties?

  10. Happy Blogiversary!! Thanks for providing us with eye candy for a year and I look forward to much more from you :D
    I think the foils are not so much for me though pretty to look at :)

  11. Congrats on hitting one year!
    Thanks for taking the time to use all those top coats. Seems as though it turned out pretty good, I will try it with a regular top coat soon and see if my foil holds up.

  12. Congrats on your bolgiversary. Good job on the foiling, it looks great. I have no patience for this stuff.

  13. MICHELE - Thank you =)

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks =) I'd heard that about the LA Girls topcoat too, and I know I've seen that brand but I can't remember where around here LOL

    LAURA - You're welcome - I definitely feel like I have more to learn but they weren't exactly hard to do =)

    ANOTONEA - Thank you =)

    AYUU - Thanks =)

    LUCY - Usually I'm not so bad, I think it's just I was remembering the wrong day LOL =)

    GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    YARDSTICKS & ANGE-MARIE - I got them from Transdesign, I think they are under the section Nail Art & then Foils.

    BLUEYEZ - Thank you =)

    RIJAH - Thanks =)

    BROOKE - Thank you. I thought I should, since it turned out I had so many. I'm looking forward to trying them again ... after watching tutorials again LOL, I just could not get them on smooth.

    VIDA - Thank you =)

    GET NAILED - Thanks =)

  14. Those nail foils are pretty cool!

  15. i have nail foils and what i use as a top coat is the konad special top coat. it works very well. very little to no crinkling. try it out & let me know what you think...

  16. Gel nail polish works the best with foils the gel that needs to be set under the UV lamp it doesnt dull or crinkle the foil at all and it wears quite well.


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