Sunday, January 3, 2010

Polish OCD - My Stash in Excel

So, when I originally started my spreadsheet, it is was pretty basic - just brand & color really.  Then as time went on I thought of more & more I wanted to add – what collection was it part of, when did I buy it, are there pics on my blog?   Is the color dark, light, medium ... soft, strong, neon?  Is it a shimmer with a secondary color peeking through?

I still think of things I want to add, distinctions I want to make, & I have to decide if I really need to track this or that, if I want to add ANOTHER column & then keep track going forward, or if I ever in life would get around to backtracking & filling in what’s already on the spreadsheet.  Answer to that last is probably no ... I don't even go back & make notes like I intended to, except in very specific cases.  Maybe I can make that another resolution =)

Anyway, I recently uploaded my spreadsheet (846 bottles & counting) to Google Docs.  Click HERE if you'd like to check it out, or there's now a link on the right sidebar - right under the link to my YouTube channel.  Feel free to leave a comment or drop an email with any questions to my personal quirky sorting system LOL.  I'll also accept swatch requests, although I make no promises on how long it may take me to actually fulfill them!

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  1. I have a spreadsheet too! Haha! Mine is just OPI though and I have no where near as much polish as you do! :)

  2. I haven't updated mine for a good while. I did a new thing over christmas. I took a notebook and made a swatch of all my polishes in it. So now I can see them all easy :D But maybe I should update my spreadsheet soon and put it up :D

  3. Wow! Fantastic collection and spreadsheet. I guess I should do that also.

  4. Wow, that is one heck of a thorough spreadsheet! I'm impressed, and I wish I had the energy to upgrade my own spreadsheet!

  5. POLISH HOARDER - LOL just you wait! Once I started blogging my collection doubled in a hurry.

    RIJAH - That sounds like fun, I bet it's so pretty!

    LUCY - It's a great tool to have to keep track of everything

    MM - I'll admit I go long periods without touching it LOL


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