Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Polish Haul!

Almost forgot to post these!  My mom went to Wal-Mart to get these for me - a store she would normally never set foot in LOL!  Apparently a few months ago I expressed a desire for Strapless, and while that gorgeous blue glitter was sold out, I'm still plenty happy with the Christmas haul that I did receive:

Left to right, all Pure Ice:  Busted, No Means No, Celestial, Heart breaker, Calypso, Splash & A List.  Purples & blues, you'd think she knows me well or something LOL =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. that's so thoughtful of your mum :)
    the two purples at the top look super yummy, I hope we'll see swatches soon ;)

  2. Your Mom has wonderful taste. Love the shades of polish she choose. Love the purple in the middle. I've never used this brand. Have a Happy New Year sweetie.

  3. CHOCADDICT - A few swatches up & more to come =)

    GILDEDANGEL - Thanks

    LUCY - She knows me well =)


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