Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOTD: Orly Solid Gold

I think this ties with Iron Butterfly as my favorite from the Metal Chic collection.  It's just such a nice gold. Here is Orly Solid Gold, in it's original matte finish:

& here with Konad done with Color Club Black & image plate m64, and glossy topcoat.  With this Konad it reminds me of a tiger for some reason:

This is one Konad design that I like a lot better on my nail than I expected when I first saw it on the plate.  It is very easy to double-stamp, so it's a nice one to use as my nails are growing out.

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  1. Gorgeous color, and I love that Konad!

  2. Wow what a pretty colour, and that Konad design works well with it a kinda tribal feel!
    I was going to buy this polish, I was watching it on ebay but then it ended and I forgot to buy it :( Oh well I'll find it again, lol

  3. You did such a beautiful job placing the stamps. At first I thought it was a freehand design until I recognized the Konad image. I love the black and gold together. This manicure brings so many things to mind. The swirls make me think of folk art. The color combination is so elegant. I could imagine wearing that manicure out for a nice dinner. Lovely!

  4. I LOVE this! And its NO Saints colors! YAY! I may have to copy this for gameday!!!! Gorgeous nails, as always

  5. Your nails are looking great! Love the mani too, great color combination!

  6. Oh my gosh, your nails look GREAT! I love how you stamped them with Konad designs!! :D

  7. That gold color is great matte or glossy, I really love it ! And the pattern is really nice, I also thought it was freehand design at first sight ^^

  8. GILDEDANGEL - KRISSY - Thanks =)

    PAINTEDLADYFINGERS - Thank you! I wish my freehand skillz were this good LOL =)

    ANGE-MARIE - ANGIE - MICHELE - DANA - AYUU - Thank you all =)


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