Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NOTD & Impulse Buying

Well, actually Impulse Buying is coming first. (And be forewarned: there a LOT of pics coming up here.)

Is there a word, like kleptomaniac, except for nail polish & I pay for it? If so, that's what I am. It's like I had a compulsion on me ... it was undeniable. I had to buy nail polish.

First I discovered a Dollar Tree practically right next door to my job that I had somehow overlooked:

L'Oreals & Maybellines - my favorites are the 3 on the end: Celadon Shimmer, Jaded Blues & Blue Riders.

Then I needed to pick up a couple things at Target. Who can go to Target without at least glancing at the nail polish?

Rimmel Cat Fight & Scene Stealer. Both of these are considerably more sparkly in person.

Then, a friend at work gave me a coupon to Ulta. There is not one that's exactly convenient for me, but I was game to hunt a location down. The coupon was $3.50 off $10.00 or more - I didn't think I'd have a problem getting to $10, and I was right. I mean, I could go broke in that place! I managed to kinda-sorta restrain myself.

My very first Piggy Polish, Mermaid (which reminds me a LOT of Urban Decay Shattered), NYC Green with Envy, & then OPI Russian Navy, My Private Jet, & Significant Other Color.

So, that really should have been enough polish for the day, right? Well, except I'm still on the hunt for those Barielles, and there were 2 CVSs on the way home from Ulta ...

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Flash & Spark from CVS # 1 & from #2 Milani Lemongello, Ms Milani, Cloud 9 & ... Cloud 9.

Weird huh? Yeah, that's what I thought. Not sure if it's mislabelled or what but these are obviously 2 different colors & I'd like to find out what the purple is really called. I'm assuming the blue is the "real" one because the name makes more sense for a blue.

So, that leads to my NOTD, which is the SH Flash:

And yes, that's a little bit of non-Konad nail art on my pinkie. I didn't have time to Konad & hadn't used any rhinestones in a while so I busted them out & am apparently a tad rusty since it turned out a little crooked. And they're a much brighter pink than shows in the pic. Not bad though. I also wish I'd stuck it on my ring finger instead of the pinkie, but oh well. I also usually use a little Cina to glue them down & I lazied out & just pressed them into semi-wet polish & then put on top coat.

One more thing before I really have to go to bed:

This was the sunset as I left the last CVS & headed towards home. I probably have my mom to thank for my love & appreciation of nature, and I stopped to take a pic because it really was gorgeous. After rushing from place to place it was good to take a moment, slow down, and savor something beautiful. Another simple little pleasure.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Wow! How many polish!!! But you like it all or you have bought like me because you are catch from the color or to have something news in you hand to try?

    I don't want to think how many polish do you have now!!!
    An invidiable collection!!!!
    Beautiful sunset!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a haul! How wonderful! Fab color on your nails too! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great haul! I have gotta check out the dollar stores by me. I have one that's so big there's an automatic door!

  4. Wow, all of your dollar trees have lots of nail polish. There have been so many here that don't have any!

    Great haul!

  5. Fantastic haul! Will enjoy all the upcoming pictures. I found some free books to download! If you like to read Harlequins they are having 16 books to download free. The site is I found this from Book Page Extra the free newspaper from my library.

  6. Wow - great haul! I get like that online...once I start, I can't seem to stop! It's a sickness, but one I don't really care to cure. ;-)

  7. ASTASIA - A little bit of both I think. I rarely buy something I don't think I'll ever wear, but sometimes I'll buy a color that's kind of "borderline" & tell myself I could let my mom use it, lol, because she likes soft pinks & neutrals, which are pretty much on the bottom of my list.

    SUSAN - Thanks! It may be one of my shortest-lived manicures, because I've already lost a rhinestone & found out that tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. I don't think I have a red shirt but I could wear red nails =)

    NESSA - For sure check them out, you can't beat the deals. I have mostly stuck with Dollar Tree because other bloggers seem to agree they get the best polish, but I'm sure other dollar stores also carry old polish.

    BROOKE - I did actually stop at a 2nd Dollar Tree yesterday, but I didn't mention it because it SUCKED. Not just a kinda lame selection - literally NO nail polish.

    LUCY - I have so many on my to-read list already, but for free I think I'll probably have to check it out. Even though I mostly get books from the library, I still have to drive there! Only downside to downloading books is I hate reading on the computer for long periods of time & I don't have one of those nifty book-readers.

    JAMIE - Thanks, I so know what you mean - it's so easy when you're just *click* *clicking* away & all of a sudden you look in your virtual cart & have a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff!

    AND TO EVERYONE - Thanks again for all the great comments. Talk about a cure to a craptacular day, peeking to check in while I'm at work & then being able to look forward to coming home to post is ... well, I suppose I should say it's a simple little pleasure but I really want to just saw it's awesome.


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