Saturday, February 28, 2009

MNLL & Better Late Than Never

And here I thought I'd have to wait for my next mani to find something My Nails Look Like. I lucked out when I remembered this pen & found that, yes, it's the right shade of blue, and almost as much bling!

Also (as I promised way back when) finally got the good group shot from my friend's camera from Valentine's Night. So here's all of us girls (and no I'm not pointing myself out ... if you can figure it out, OK - if not, also OK ... I hate taking pictures but I feel protected by anonymity LOL):

I ended up having to take it off of my friend's My Space page because she couldn't get her dumb computer to let her email me pics, so sorry for the low quality.

Now I get to go sit by the phone now & wait for Best Buy to call & tell me I can pick up the new PC. Thanks for reading.



  1. Very blue and sparkley!
    Thanks for the post.

  2. What a lovely blue. Looks fantastic on you!

  3. NESSA - I used to not be much into glitter, but I've really been liking them lately.

    PIXIE - Thanks!

  4. Love that sparkle. Very pretty! Are you the one with the polish on? A gorgeous group of ladies.

  5. OK, my guess is you are the one in the middle (with black on)?? if not then my next guess is the one to the right of the one in the middle??

    lol :)

    I really like that blue on you.

    I was wearing a shirt the other day that Misa's Dirty Sexy Money was a My Nail Look Like - of course I imediately thought of you :)

  6. LUCY - I've got polish on (of course!) but you can't see mine in the pic.

    BROOKE - Nope!

    There's just something about seeing something the color of the polish your wearing (or the polish you have at home ... or the polish you're getting ready to order ... or the polish that you're lemming). It always makes me smile, I hope you too =)


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