Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going On A No-Buy =(

And this is why:

Well, part of the reason. The main reason, the tower, is on order & I should have in a few days. But talk about ouch in the pocket. Necessary: yes. Super-nice & shiny: yes. Good reason to start budgeting my purchases better: yes.
(PS: also yes, that's Frisky in the background. In the middle of everything as usual.)

Of course, as you know, it's not like I don't have plenty of unworns to see me through this rough time. And I have decided that I will still place my planned Konad order, but not until after I do my taxes & get my refund. Depending on how much I end up getting back I may also allow myself an online order of some holo polish I have been lemming since I saw them when I started reading blogs. But no more "just happening" to walk by the polish when I go pick up my prescriptions or "just glancing" at the polish when I'm at Target for toothpaste.

I'm both looking forward & dreading the new computer's arrival. I like my old computer. I'm not looking forward to Vista, although I am interesting in updated Word, since I got Office 2007, not to mention how can anything not be pretty cool on a 24" monitor? I will post more pics, some before & afters, once I have it set up - the monitor will fit in my current desk but just barely. I got the specs from online & measured before I bought it lol.

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  1. Once I get the China Glaze Summer Days collection, I'm going on a No Buy as well. I got my tax refund check and went bananas! Gotta go back to my budget now. *le sigh*

    BTW, Vista sucks big time. Grrr.

  2. I agree with The Pretty Brown Girl, I got my tax refund check and went nail polish crazy!! Other than any cool nail polish I find while in Vegas,a nd then I have a special order from Japan coming up, I am going to cut way back! I don't think I have even tried half of all those Zoya's I got with the nail polish trade yet.

  3. BTW - Congrats on your new computer purchase! I hope you like it, and the really big flat screen is killin' it!

  4. Congrats on the new 'puter! It will be worth the sacrifice (well, Vista not so much, but the computer and screen definitely will be).

    Tax refunds...bah humbug. Hubby and I kept forgetting to change our withholding status, so we still have to pay in this year, no refund for us. Maybe next year though...

  5. THE PRETTY BROWN GIRL - That collection is the first challenge to my willpower - especially with all the swatches of Watermelon Rind that have popped up.

    BROOKE - I know what you mean - out of my 12 Misas, I've only worn 2.

    I'm really looking forward to the new monitor - my current is 17" so it's a TON bigger.

    JAMIE - Thanks! I'm already reaping side-benefits because it's really kind of forcing me to re-organize my desk space & clean everything up, which I normally would procrastinate on indefinitely.


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