Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Nails Look Like ...

OK before we get to the MNLL for today (hehe, my very own acronym!), do you ever check out polish at your local grocery store? I had my mom with me & she helped talk some sense into me after yesterday's splurge, but seriously, they carry OPI at my Cub Foods. They even had one of the Designer Series (something very blue & sparkly that I've unfortunately already forgotten the name of). And cheaper than Ulta, matter of fact, although not as cheap as some e-tailers.

Alright, that said, I found 2 things at work that worked for MNLL. You'll notice I'm missing a rhinestone - it popped off around 10:00 this morning, and I think it got to be like the 4th or 5th thing to piss me off. I mean, usually I get at least a couple days before I start losing stones. So I guess that answers my question of whether wet polish works as well as actual binder.

That's the old phonebook that is my so-classy monitor stand at work.

And that is a set of stickers that came with a calendar. Which actually, when I looked at it a little closer, is hilarious. Check it out, this is what's inside (click to enlarge & see the little pics better):

I have circled, of course, the Hair/Nails sticker. But look at the quantities of some of these, I mean, only 4 Hair/Nails stickers, but 6 for the Dentist?! Then there's weird stuff like the Jetsons-esque robot featured in the Cleaning sticker, or the creepy grinning tooth coming at you with a toothbrush.

One last thing before I go find dinner: I saw on the news this morning that tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. It's designed to raise awareness of heart disease, and the fact that it is the #1 killer of women. More women die from heart disease than from the next 5 causes combined, including all forms of cancer. Not to preach at anyone reading this, but there's no reason not to participate in this, and what a good excuse to bust out the red polish! I will be posting up my red NOTD tomorrow morning. Pass it along! It would be cool to have a sea of different colored reds across the blogs tomorrow.

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  1. I like the Open House sticker, like who has open house?? ALso the Party sticker clown is a little on the scary side :)

    That blue just looks gorgous on you! You are making me want to get that color!

  2. Lovely blue! To set the rhinestones, I always use a coat of top coat, set them in, and then two more coats of top coat over them. I normally get at least 5 days worth of wear from them (with the exception of this week, because I think this Nubar polish just isn't up to it).

    Nice phone book - I have a ream of paper for my monitor stand at work. :-)

  3. BROOKE - I agree, the clown is creepy! The blue was not very hard to find, although I only saw it at I think half of the CVSs I've been in lately.

    JAMIE - I will definitely have to try 2 layers of top coat, now that I have Seche especially. Some people at work have wrapped thier phone books in black paper, those are the really high-end stands lol.


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