Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Misa A Sin Worth Committing Konaded with China Glaze Devotion & plate m15:

It's OK ... don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Misa, I love the color, but I am not totally pleased with my Konading skillz at the moment. It was a little past my bedtime, and I ended up having placement issues & take my word that the right hand is significantly worse. So this may not stay on that long, but that just means a great excuse to wear one of the other Misas.

You'll also notice my pinky is on the gimped side now ... that's because when I took off my Valentine's mani, I found this underneath:

I couldn't bear to cut it all the way down, but I did take off quite a bit. You know, that little tip of your finger that's usually covered by your nail? It drives me crazy when I can't avoid having them that short & it's all naked & sensitive & unprotected. But it's still pretty short & SO lame. I mean, I admit to being a total klutz, but somehow I'm still always surprised when one of my nails breaks. It's like, it doesn't break when I do something really bad, but then it cracks spontaneously, out of the blue, right at the bottom (if not lower). I wish I'd started biotin 6 months ago instead of only 1 month ... maybe by summer this won't keep happening to me.

The good news is that I know it won't take that long for them to grow out, if I could just keep them all from breaking (ha ha) & get an honest to goodness decent, even, long manicure. I had a few breaks at the end of last year, and here's an older pics of when my nails were on the stubby side just a few weeks ago at the beginning on January. Bear with me, as I think this was pre-learning-my-camera-had-macro-mode:

I like this pic because it's just out of focus enough to catch the holo. I don't remember what the base is, but it's got China Glaze Fairy Dust making it sparkle & the Konad plate is m59. I came across this the other day & couldn't believe my nails had grown so much in only 5 weeks (pic was taken on January 10th). I must be doing something right lately because they didn't used to grow that quickly. Thanks for reading.



  1. Wow - that's so pretty! Your konading skills are fine! I won't even attempt stamping - I have a hard enough time just getting plain polish on right!

  2. I really like your 1st Konad that you did recently and the one from the beginning of January. Your skills are sooo much better than mine! I get very impatient though :)

  3. NIXXY - You should give it a try, my advice is just start out with a design that looks good wherever on the nail it ends up, and then it doesn't matter if you're a little crooked to start.

    NESSA - Patience is definitely a must with Konad - it still tests mine at times!

  4. Hey!! That stamp looks familiar :) lol

    Great job - don't you just love that Misa color?? I was so impressed once I painted my nails with that color, I really liked it.

  5. BROOKE - I told you I was inspired =)

    I think I'm hooked on Misa. I need them to have another sale so I have an excuse to buy more!


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