Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick MNLL

It was too funny - I think I've mentioned before that they have a decent polish selection at the grocery store, and I couldn't resist a purchase even though it's both pink & glitter which is normally not my thing. But, as I was bagging it up, I had the realization that My Nails Look Like my new polish: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Sparked:

Of course, the finishes are totally different, but the color is a surprising match. Thanks for reading.



  1. Nice manicure. Love the color. I love most all colors.

  2. I love your valentine's mani!! And the new polish is beautiful too. I'm really drawn to those light plum/purple-pink colors, for some reason.

    And congrats on the Misa order - that will keep you busy!

    As for polish sorting, I picked the last option, because I just toss mine into tubs in the fridge (except for the moodies and water-based, and those are tossed into my nail art drawer in the bathroom).

  3. LUCY - I used to hate pink, but maybe I'm growing up because I keep buying it lately.

    JAMIE - Maybe we're being drawn to pink because spring is in the air & pink is like budding flowers...

    *looks out the window at the fresh 1" of snow*

    ...or maybe it's something else lol.

  4. I love Sparked! That was definitely one of my impulse buys.

  5. ASIAN GIRL - And hard to resist at the price! I don't even try too hard to restrain myself with cheaper polishes.


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