Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Nails Look Like...

A packet of Bigelow Plantation Mint tea. Seriously - I was at work this morning & picked it up & I was like "Hey, I match." And so was born the idea of a mini-series for my blog, of finding normal, everyday stuff that my nails match.

We'll see how long I think this is a good idea, lol, but for now here is the first installment. It was hard to get the colors to match on camera like they did to the nake eye, so I've got a few different lighting AND to differentiate them, my very first text in a pic. Yay me.

As much as I love this green, it will be gone tonight if I have time or else tomorrow. My right index (the first casualty 99.95% of the time) is chipped. And I hereby confess to being a peeler, so once the chips start I can't help but to add to the disaster.

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  1. They are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love it! Great idea! I can't wait to see what else you find that matches your next manicure...

  3. This is a cool idea! I wish I thought of it first. :(

  4. Wow! That sounds like that could be challenging, but in a good/fun way. Great idea.

  5. Colette that is a great idea. Your manicure is so cute. You should be used for an ad! Look forward to more of your ideas.

  6. *Goggles at all the comments*

    SUSAN - Thanks!

    JAMIE - I just hope I haven't set myself up for too much frustration or dissapointment - some of my favorite colors are my favorite because they're just so crazy & out of the ordinary I may never find a match.

    NESSA - Feel free to "steal" or "borrow" it! I'd love to see what you find to match your own manicure.

    BROOKE - I am almost finding myself starting to pick my next color by whether or not I think I can easily find a match lol.

    LUCY - Thanks! I really felt like this was kind of random when I put it up, but with all the great responses, I will continue to post up the randon ideas that pass through my head (& there's a lot of them).

  7. OMGoodness, I know this post is old, but do this too, I have to find something that matches my nails. OCD ? No I am just observant!

  8. DEEZ NAILZ - Sorry it took me so long to OK this comment, LOL I forogt I'd turned on moderation for the older posts.

    The more "out there" the color, the more fun it is to find something that's a perfect match!


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