Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday's Haul & MNLL

This particular haul is from a Big Lots. Almost all of these are sheer, except for the last 2. I haven't worn a french manicure in a while, but I think they will be fun to use the next time I do.

The first two are Wet n Wild Mega Last: Hawaiian Orchid & Sheer Sparkling Pink. The rest are Revlon. Color Bean Sheer: Starlight, Bright Sky, Night Light, Lavender Light, Glow Rosy, Beam of Pink, Sunstruck, Flash of Fuschia. & Color Illusion: Steel Magic & Pink Crystal.

Then, yesterday over at my friend's house, I found several things that My Nais Look Like. Of course, nothing was actually as glittery as the Ruby Pumps, but I got the color pretty close on a couple of these. Apologies a couple of them are a little out of focus, but I didn't want to be totally a totally rude guest, and this is all about the color anyway.

Abover is my friend's cell phone; below is her friend's cell phone.

And the last pic was a candle holder of hers. She likes red, I probably could have found a few more things MNLL, but I thought 3 was enough.

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  1. Your nail look so long and gorgous in these pics! I can't wait for my nails to start growing back out again! Looks like you got some good stuff from your big lots! I had no luck at mine last weekend.

    I think the candle holder was the best match :)

  2. BROOKE - thanks! I was actually looking at some older pics from back around Christmas & New Year & thinking the same thing because they were much shorter then. I think I've been having fewer breaks because I've haven't been running around with chipped polish, which usually led to a break or peeling soon after. I also recently started taking biotin, but I think it's a little early to give that the credit.


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