Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Misa Haul

So, I promised pics of my Misa haul that arrived on Friday.

From left to right: Push Upon It, Dirty Sexy Money, Right Here Now No More Later, A Sin Worth Committing, Dreamy Purple, Forbidden Lust, The Grass is Greener on My Side, Chocolate Icing, Ghetto Fabulous, Toxin Seduction, Fashionista, Dying Love. I'm not sure which one of these is going to be worn first, they're all so pretty!

Next, there will probably be some more pics from last night's outing, but for now, just a couple.

The interior of the limo - my first time in a limo might I add. I should have taken a pic without the flash, there was some cool lighting ... but I didn't, so here it is with flash:

Sushi! I tried it for the first time ever last night. This is obviously after we'd already been digging in, when it dawned on me I should immortalize the moment:

My nails & my friend's nails (details of mine are in my last post, my friend is wearing Fingerpaints Butterscotch Cookie topped with Sinful Colors Paris):

With the problems I'm currently having with my camera - spontaneously changing out of picture mode into video mode - I didn't want to hand it off for someone else to take a group pic & have it act up, so I'm waiting on emailed pics from everyone else that was out. We ended up with 8 ladies total, and had a total blast with no men - safe to say funnest Valentines Day I've ever had, single or when I was in a relationship (eons & eons ago). Thanks for reading.



  1. Looks like you got some good colors! Can't wait to see em on ya!

    Oh party pics!! I love those, can't wait to see em!

  2. BROOKE - I've been bugging my friend to email me hers, so hopefully she'll send them soon! First Misa mani will be later tonight if all goes according to plan, although I still haven't chosen what I'll be wearing first.

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