Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weird Comment Spam

Over in the comments of this post ... The first comment I thought was weird, but hey, some people may say that about comments I leave, who knows? But then the second one was posted & it's not verbatim, but close enough... I mean, if they were trying to be slick or sneaky, they could have at least not done it 2x in the same post?

Another weird thing is that while they both vaguely reference a website, neither one actually has one listed in the comment... Kind of wondering if anyone else is getting this stuff or if I somehow brought it on myself - although it's not even a comment to the post where I actually talked about the gel resin I bought for my patch, which is funny.

I suppose I could (should?) just delete them?

Anyway, sorry for rambling a bit & not having any pretty pictures for you ... I'm not going to be able to fill the gaps between manis with hauls anymore lol. So more of these random ramblings may show up if I feel the urge to post & have nothing better. I was kind of hoping I'd have a MNLL but the blue glitter is a tough match. I don't think I've found any matches for my last 2 or 3 manis actually now that I think of it ... but don't think I've forgotten, I just haven't gotten lucky lately.

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  1. hehehe it reads like spam written by a beginner, and also someone with english as a second language. It's very 'correct'. I haven't had anything like it on my site - yet. #:)

  2. NIXXY - Yes, it does sound like english as a second language - & lo & behold in my inbox this morning I got an update to a thread I'd subscribed to over at Nail Art Tuesday:

    Also another older thread & one of the same usernames that was commenting on here. It's spreading like a plague!

  3. Hmmm if it starts asking me to lend money to an imprisoned Nigerian princess with manicure problems, I'm outa here #:D

  4. yes those are spam. kendy has hit me like three times, not for sure if I got gel or not. I would just delete them.

  5. I use the comment verification word to try and avoid the comment spammers. I know it's a b*tch to deal with, but it keeps the spam away. :)

  6. As you saw, I warned him/her, and I found *another one* posted on another post this morning. Sheesh! I've been deleting them, but just to save myself some trouble, I turned the word verification off, and the comment moderation on (post this morning explaining all that in rather long-winded terms). It's one thing if she would have just done it once or twice, but it's getting to be a daily occurrence on my blog, and I got tired of it. And I certainly don't want people who subscribe to posts to be hit with that in their email...

    I did find it amusing that he/she can't seem to figure out how to put a link in... ;-)

  7. Sounds to me like it's someone doing an ad for their product. LOL


    BROOKE - I guess I'm just a little shocked my blog has attracted enough notice to spam lol. Even if it is amateur spam.

    PBG - I do have the word verfication on (at least that's what it tells me ... I don't see it on my own comments of course), & I used to not allow comments from Anonymous people, but this stuff is coming from registered accounts so that wouldn't make a difference.

    JAMIE - Since this seems to be happening on older posts, I turned on moderation for anything older than 10 days. So I'll see how much keeping an eye on that irritates me or if it seems to work.

    SUSSI - Exactly - it's just such a sucky ad it's hard to believe.


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