Monday, February 2, 2009


3x Red (although the one is kinda more purply-red) courtesy of Mom. 'Scuse the messy desk ... I'm in the process of trying to get it cleaned up so it's a better backdrop for pics but ... well, stuff usually ends up pushed to the side more often than properly put away.

Under my desk lamp (normal lighting for my manicure pics)

Wth camera flash:

From left to right: Max Factor Diamond Hard Currant Scene, Avon Flammable, & Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Ravishing Red.

It's really amazing how different they look under the different lighting. I may start doing more than one light source for my manicures also, now that I'm getting a little more competent with manipulating the pics around in my posts.

♥ Mom & also ♥ thrift shops. Thanks for reading



  1. Where do they keep the nail polish in the thrift stores? I am going to check some of the thrift stores around my area.

    I ran into one over the weekend, and I didn't see any, i went to ask and the worker was gone, I was in a little bit of a hurry, so I had to leave.

    I think that is a really good idea for finding some really great polish.

    I also had read on MUA that some of them go "dusty" hunting, where it is basically going to old beauty supply store or fake nail salons and buying their polish. Have you heard of "dusty hunting"?

  2. BROOKE - I don't go often myself, but my mom said that at the ones she goes to, they have a few aisles of shelving for kind of misc. stuff, and there is a small makeup section with the nail polish normally on the top shelf.

    I have heard of dusty hunting, but I've never tried it myself ... tempting I'll admit but I don't know if I need ANOTHER place I'm compelled to stop & look for polish, lol.


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