Monday, February 16, 2009

Books 8, 9, 10 & My First Poll

HA! Bet you almost forgot about the books & I've really been slacking pretty bad ... last year I was going strong 10+ books a month, and here we are mid-February & I'm only on number 11. I've got to get my butt in gear, but considering I just spent most of my day off napping ... well, there's always tomorrow!

4th of July
Women's Murder Club Book 4
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

So instead of just ending with a twist, this one also started out with a twist. Can't tell you what the twist is without spoiling it of course, but I was surprised by the path this one took, a lot different than the first 3 books.

Really Unusual Bad Boys
MaryJanice Davidson

This was a nice break from the Women's Murder Club. Instead of trying to figure out the twist or identify the killer, I'd classify this as pretty light reading. Technically an anthology, still all 3 of the stories kind of linked together so that it kind of like just one book.

5th Horseman
Women's Murder Club Book 5
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

In addition to a twist, this one ended on something of a cliffhanger. A girl at work that has also read the series promised that things would be explained in the next book, but my friend has 6 (even though she hasn't finished 5 yet...) so I've got another copy on request & until then have a couple books from other series I will be catching up with.

So, I also set up my first poll! Check it out in the upper-right corner.

After my friend wanted to borrow a gold for Valentine's Day & I ended up pulling down literally every shoebox, I'm reconsidering my sorting system. Right now everything is by brand, and I'm strongly considering switching to by color. I mean, when I'm looking for a color for myself, I know exactly what I want, but when someone else is requesting something, they're usually not as sure. The next day my mom asked for a gold, and I kind of had a "d'oh!" moment because I'd had them all out & put them all back away in their respective boxes.

So, how do you store your polish? Vote in my poll & let me know! I think I'll leave it running through the end of the month. Thanks for reading!



  1. Colette-
    I voted, but wanted to elaborate that I sort by color and then keep OPIs together, ChG together, Misa, etc, within each color drawer.

    That way, when I want to match a certain color, or a certain mood, I know exactly where to start!


  2. WIXBETTY - That sounds like a good idea, and probably something I'd have thought of AFTER I just dumped everything together! Thanks for sharing, now I can put things together right the first time ... well, I guess it's the 2nd time already, but you know what I mean.

  3. I have it all sorted by brand. Then I have a box with all new stuff. So I think I will resort by color.

  4. LUCY - I wish all my new stuff fit in a box lol! I've been buying a lot lately, my unworns are spilling from my dresser-top onto my computer desk.


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