Monday, February 9, 2009

China Glaze Ruby Pumps vs. Maybelline Red Comet

EDIT: Thanks to wixbetty for catching me calling Ruby Pumps by the wrong name (Ruby Slippers). I've fixed it throughout the post.

So, another comparison - and BETTER this time, I have 2 nails of each color lol. Looking for reds to borrow my friend for Valentine's Day, I came across the Maybelline & thought I'd do some swatching when I started to take off my CG. In the bottle, these 2 are pretty close:

And on the nail (apologies for the lazy cleanup). Red Comet is on my index & ring finger Ruby Pumps on ring & pinkie:

Looks like a pretty good dupe to me! Although I think Ruby Pumps has just a tad more glitter & there are some slight differences in the formula. Ruby Pumps was only I think 3 coats, where the Red Comet took 5 coats to look this good. Also, Red Comet was a little smoother, it only took 1 layer of top coat where Ruby Pumps needed 2 to be smooth & not gritty.

I'll be taking this off & doing a "real" mani this evening, but probably won't post up pics of the new NOTD until tomorrow. So, until then, thanks for reading!



  1. Your nails are so perfect, I know everyone will want at least one of these.

    Just for clarification-
    and to save some frustration,
    is the China Glaze named "Ruby Pumps"
    or "Ruby Slippers"?

    TIA! =D

  2. OH, I also got a Ruby Pumps dupe, or possable dupe I should say, from Dollar Tree. Maybe I should do a little comparison for my blog tonight to see how close they are.

  3. That is a really good dup!
    Great nails, too.

  4. WIXBETTY - Good catch! I've been calling it the wrong thing in my head every since my grandma said it was obviously inspired by Dorothy's ruby slippers - I will correct it right now.

    BROOKE - I'd love to see it! If I had more free time, it would be fun to have a spreadsheet just dealing with dupes.

    NESSA - Thanks!

  5. I looked at the "dupe" I had, it was Maybelline Red Comet - lol! Well, good to know that it is a dupe since you tested it out already :)

  6. BROOKE - too funny! I wonder how long ago Maybelline actually came out with that color, and it's interesting that at least some of the time our Dollar Trees are carrying similar items.


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