Friday, February 6, 2009

A Pretty Good Dupe & NOTD

Well, I'm able to post this morning because I'm off of work (Yay for no work! Boo for mandatory non-paid time off!). I'll be headed shortly to my grandparent's house to have lunch & hang out for the day, but I've got what I consider some pretty good stuff to post up first.

To start, I didn't think I'd ever post stuff like this, but I find the impulse is irresistable. Oddly enough, I picked both of these up Wednesday, and it didn't really occur to me at the time how similar they were, I just knew that I really really liked dark purple-blue with fuscia shimmery bits. When I was entering them into my database (which is named Polish OCD because it really is a little obsessive - and I'm OK with that) I realized I was describing them with the same terms, and, well, take a look for yourself.

On the middle finger (left) we have OPI Russian Navy vs. Sally Hansen Spark on the ring finger (right). I was too lazy to swatch a whole hand (maybe I can work my way up to that) but you get the idea. Too bad it's nighttime in addition to winter because I would really like to take some pics in the sun. Also (obviously) did minimal clean-up.

It's hard to see on both of them, but please trust me they have some awesome pink/fuscia spark in there. The Russian Navy is a tad bit darker, but if I wasn't staring looking for the difference I don't think I would spot it. Also a little more glitter under some light. Although I don't normally say much about formula, in this head-to-head comparison I have to say I preferred SH. Although both are 3 coats in the pic, Spark was wearable at 2 coats, where the Russian Navy needed 3.

So I did that quick, and then I did my red manicure for National Wear Red Day. For some reason I don't own any red clothing currently, so this will be it for me today.

I'm not usually big on super-glittery polish, but sitting in my unworns was what seems to have been everyone's favorite red glitter from the holidays, China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Of course if you have this you know the pics do not do the glittery-goodness justice. And man, does the red show I am NOT as good at cleaning up as I thought.

This is my first manicure completely unadorned by nail art in I'm gonna say probably 6 months, and it's kind of nice for a change. With the schedule I have for the next few days, I think I'll wear this probably thorugh Sunday & be happy doing so.

Two last tidbits:

#1: After I finished adding Wednesday's haul to the Polish OCD spreadsheet, the new grand total on my stash is: 402. Yeah. & on my shopping list in my head is about 50 others that I want to order online & probably will in the near future. I mean, I NEED the OMG collection, just to start the list. It works with Konad for goodness sake! Oh yeah, and I have 12 Misas in the mail as I type. But after that, I'm going to make an effort to go on a No-Buy for ... a little while. I don't want to make any promises I'm going to break lol.

#2: I saw on the Today show today is also World Nude Day. I certainly don't feel as compelled to participate in that lol, but I didn't realize there was an official day for being naked .

Thanks for reading.



  1. WOW! From your pics I can't see a single diference! I love Ruby Pumps, it such a pretty red! Lucky you being off work today!

  2. BROOKE - it was a great day to be off, the weather finally warmed up a little to a balmy 38º and it's always relaxing at my grandparent's house.

  3. I'm in the same boat - I have about sixteen np bottles I'd like to trade in for Zoyas, and at least 20 colors I want to order online, not including the individual colors I buy one by one. Sigh, $$$ bye, bye, bye!


  4. NIVIPA - I was very proud of myself today, I actually went into a CVS & came back out without purchasing any polish. So I feel like I'm maybe getting a tiny bit of a handle on my impulse buying.


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