Saturday, April 30, 2011

2010 Top 25 NOTDs

I am fully aware that is so SO late LOL.  You are welcome to talk as much crap as you want =)  I intended to put this up in January ... didn't start working on picking them until February ... don't think I touched it at all in March ... and finally decided I needed to just freaking sit down & finish it before April was gone too!  So, here we are ... not too much talking but lots of pics =)

It started out as a top 20 - not in any particular order, kind of loosely broken down by plain colors vs. fancier nail art manis - but I decided I needed a separate category for water marbles & so tacked on an additional 5 slots.  So here we go, starting off with my top 5 favorite water marbles: 

Christmas Poinsettia Water Marble (original post HERE):

Green Holo Bronze Water Marble (original post HERE):

Halloween Flames Water Marble (original post HERE):

Poolside Neon Rainbow #2 Water Marble (original post HERE):

And my Valentine's Day Water Marble (original post HERE) - which isn't my favorite due to the look, but because for some reason it has become my most watched, most popular YT vid - 1.4 million views & counting:

Now on to my favorite manicures of 2010:

PHD Book Cover Challenge (original post HERE):

China Glaze Swing Baby (original post HERE) - which made it into the manicure section, even with no nail art, partly because I can't decide what color exactly it is, and partly because it was one that I got SOOO many compliments on & it was just so awesome that it didn't even need any nail art:

New Year's Bling (original post HERE):

The inspiration for the New Year's Bling, Blue Glitter Sponging (original post HERE):

Last years Easter Zigzag funky french (original post HERE):


PHD Summer Sponging - Ocean Waves (original post HERE):

New Year's Fireworks (original post HERE):

Stained Glass with Sinful Mint Apple & Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (original post HERE):

OK, finally my favorite colors of 2010 =)
Favorite brown/bronzish - Nubar Jewel (original post HERE):

Favorite purple (a category with intense competition as you may have guessed! - Zoya Zara (original post HERE):
Favorite holo (yes I know "holo" isn't a color on its own...) - Nubar Reclaim (original post HERE):

So, a very belated year in review for 2010 =)  I was really HARD to pick just these few.  If you'd like to see more of my old NOTDs, you can check out my NOTD Slideshows on YouTube HERE.

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  1. I absolutely adore th Stained Glass with Sinful Mint Apple & Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure........thanks for showing them off xxxx

  2. Your New Year's mani is my personal fave! Good job (and better late than never!!)

  3. that neon mani and firework mani are the business!!!

  4. I so enjoy your nail art posts. Your designs are always original, creative and often just stunning.

    I think my faves of this post are your poinsettia water marble and your ocean waves. :)

  5. The New Year's mani was my favorite of yours I have seen. I LOVE the fireworks. Thanks for still putting these up, and personally I think holo should be considered it's own color and given it's own crayon!!

  6. Neon marble and Stained Glass are my favourites, special mention for the new years fireworks though!

  7. Loved so many of these! Thanks for sharing them with us. You do so many fantastic manicures! :D I like OPIs My PRivate Jet. :D

  8. Your water marbling is AWESOME!! SOme of the best I have ever seen!!! WOW

  9. You are the queen of marbling! Great colors!

  10. These are all so great! Poolside neon rainbow and New Year's Fireworks as well as Stained glass are my favorites of these - and they showcase your talent on so many techniques!

  11. That rainbow marble is still my all time favorite. It's what's made me watch you; I'm glad it made the list! I hope you don't mind if I feature it on my blog. I'll link back and give all credit, of course. :D

  12. Each water marble is beautiful in it's own way. I can't even pick my favorite. Your nails are beautiful and anything you put on them looks spectacular.

  13. I'm drooling over your water marbling (and your swatches), your nails are stunning!!

  14. Wow, your manicures are amazing!!! Seriously. And, you do water marbling so beautifully! :) Loved seeing all your pictures!


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