Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April in Minne"snow"ta

This morning:

Do I really need to say anything?  Well, probably not but I'm going to; I mean, come on!  All the rest of the snow had melted, lakes have iced out, we were nearly up to 70 several days ... and then this crap.  Good news is it's already gone though =)

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  1. SNOW! It was almost 80 here in Philly today. I much rather have snow. I'm jealous!

  2. Minne-snow-ta! Hee hee hee! Yeah, really, what's up with that snow there? We've already hit over 100 degrees here (good) but the polish is bubbling (not so good). Oh well, a pitcher of iced tea makes it all better.. er in your case steaming hot tea!

  3. Yuk! Ptoowey! Snow sucks! Go away, flakes. It is Spring.

    Want me to send you some warmth and sunshine? We have lots, here.

  4. Yes, it's beautiful here today in New Jersey! I don't want anymore cold temperatures. I also don't want the weather to get warm so fast.

  5. You are not alone. I'm farther north than you in MN and we have had too many flurries that I don't even want to discuss it. Take care.

  6. Oh! Thank God, here in germany it's like "summer" since a few days...


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