Saturday, December 18, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Midnight Kiss + Black Crack Polish

I thought having a gold base for a crack manicure would be nice, so I started out with 2 coats of China Glaze Midnight Kiss:
Then I topped with the Black Crack Polish ... I like the effect although I still need to work on uniform application to get uniform cracks ... I actually liked how my right hand turned out better, but I realized while editing that apparently I had a spazz moment & didn't take any pics of my right LOL:
Only downside was the crack polish did not wear that great, and yet was not easy to get off - you can see the tipwear in the sun & shade pics, but I had to use 100% acetone to take it off because regular remover just wasn't cutting it at all.
Going off for part 2 of cookie day today =)  I think I'm going to do a cookie-marbling tut, so stay tuned for that!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Love that crackle polish. The combination of the two polishes is gorgeous! More cookies, yummy!

  2. That crack looks so cool! It's like a snakeskin purse or something!

  3. LOL I don't think crackle polish is supposed to have a uniform effect. You must be such an perfectionista!

  4. This post is funny...after doing my nails via one of your vids (they came out GREAT btw!) I remembered covergirl did the crackled nail polish when I was in high school. It was cool but of course that was years ago and I'd never seen it again. So thanks for this so now I know I get still get the kelier one!

  5. i have the same crack polish but no matter how hard i tried i could not get it right or even as you did!!! is this one layer and how you make sure it is harmonized??

  6. Where can I find the crack polish?

  7. I gotta say, I am not crazy about the crackle look. Just me. I love the CG Midnight Kiss, though. Just my .02


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