Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Swing Baby

I used this color in the Star of Bethlehem water marble, but I'm glad I made time to wear it alone.  It's got a really smooth foily finish, and the champagne color made me think it was an obvious choice leading up to New Year's =)  From this past fall's Vintage Vixen collection, this is China Glaze Swing Baby:
Gonna do a New Year's tutorial tonight ... but I'm not quite sure what exactly of LOL.  So we'll see =)  I'd like to make a resolution to keep up with comments this coming year ... but that would mean catching up in the first place!  Well, I have no plans, and there is (another) storm coming, so that may be how I ring in the new year.  Thanks for reading.


  1. i love this one!
    nathy nathy

  2. i love your nails!! and nice color too!

  3. Gorgeous mani, your nails look amazing!

  4. I have this polish and my customers love it

  5. Hi, Colette!

    I would LOVE to see you do a tutorial on how you photograph/videotape your nails and tutorials!!

  6. happy new year!


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