Thursday, March 25, 2010

NOTD: Original OPI My Private Jet

Mmmm.  Beautiful.  3 coats + Seche.  OPI My Private Jet ... I figure I really don't need to say too much about this polish =)  Especially since I went on at such length when I found it. (HERE).  I wore this on Monday & Tuesday, & I'll just get right to the pics:

The only downside of this gorgeousness is that it emphasizes my curves … No, not my luscious womanly curves LOL, my horrid curved nails =(  Most circumstances the left middle looks straight now (especially when compared to last summer) but the left index is pretty crooked on the end … it looks kind of like the corner is broken off, but really it’s the curve.  Right hand middle & index are even worse … I don’t know what I did to make the one improve so much?  If anyone has any insight to this kind of bendy curvy-nail problem, please enlighten me =)  I’m OK with it … the hazards of natural nails … but if there’s a fix, I’d be all over it.

And, just because I came across this while I was editing pics, here's a shot of Dude from when I was taking these outdoor shots.  The snow is finally gone here ... & we haven't had any new snow all month, which is like the first snow-less March in recorded meteorology.  I thought he had such a cute, quizzical expression on his face here:

Thanks for reading.


(EDIT) PS - are you guys at all interested in a short (like 10 seconds) video of MPJ & it's gorgeous holo effect?  If anyone is interested I'll upload & post it later on ... just leave a comment & let me know =)


  1. I can't even tell that there's a curve! What I can tell is that MPJ looks divine on your nails!

  2. You must be out of your mind! If that is a curve then I have the Hunchback of Nail Curvature!


    What a dreamy color. I went to my local holy grail nail shop and they only had the ugly version. The owner said they sometimes get the good old version, but it gets snatched up. (Probably by them)

    Hopefully I can get my hands on it.

  3. OMG, YES! I've been waiting for you to post this since you found it!! :P

  4. Oooo and Ahhh! Nothing like a good holo. And Dude is so handsome. Congrats on your dusty find. It really is a high isn't it??

  5. *dies* awesome colour. I wish I bought it while it was in the store. :( I held it in my hand.

  6. Loving all dog pix!
    If your nails were shorter then the curve (and what's wrong with it, your nails are great!) is reduced.
    Ladies, try Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm if you like MPJ original and don't want to pay OPI prices.

  7. This is so awesome!!!!
    Yes I would like to see a video :D
    Hope I can find the original version somewhere in NYC...but I guess that is impossible :)

  8. Hi Colette! it's amazing because Ihave exactly the same curve on my left index. When it grow up it's exactly if I had the corner broken ...I don't think there is something to do ....

  9. MPJ is the gorgeous! It looks amazing on you!

    I have read on the NB a lot of people swear to this trick for straightening a bend in the nail.
    Right after showering when the nail is still flexible apply a dot of nail glue(fast drying) to the underside where the bend is. If the nail has already begun to curl use an orangewood to gentle unbend it while the glue dries.
    Repeat for several weeks.

    Supposedly this retrains the nail to stop curling.

  10. Color me jealous! I found the not-so-holo-brown version over the weekend. Um, trade ya? :)

  11. I have this one too, and it is beautiful i love it !! ^^

  12. MPJ looks gorgeous on you :)

    I'm getting this long time lemming in a swap and can't wait for it to arrive :D

  13. Sigh ... I wish I had this, it's so beautiful :)

    And Dude is gorgeous, his expression is great here :)

  14. Gorgeous polish, and gorgeous dog!

  15. EVERYONE - Thank you all

    EVIL ANGEL - I wonder if that would work? I don't know if I'm patient enough to try it LOL

  16. Okay, I'm a little behind on my comment -- Beautiful color and you do really beautiful work! I enjoy the water marble manicures and can't wait to get the guts to try it myself. Lol! Question: What is the number on the bottle of your original OPI MPJ? I'm going on the hunt. I have one of the later, boring versions. Thank you!

  17. What is the lot # on the bottom label? I may have my paws on this soon but want to make sure its not a fake... That would be really messed up. :)


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