Saturday, September 18, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Jewel

Another fabulous color from the Prisms Collection, this is more of a sparse or scattered holo, but that doesn't take anything away from it's beauty. Base color is a rich, coppery bronze that I found very flattering & a good color to help start easing into fall.  Not that I'm admitting it's fall & I don't care if it's been over week since we've seen 70 degrees, and a couple days since we've even managed 60 - I am holding on to hope that we'll get a few more warm days!  This is Nubar Jewel:
Here's a look in motion:
Thanks for reading =)


  1. Nice! so pretty! :)


  2. That is such a beautiful color! How was the application? How many coats did you use?


  3. Jewel is stunning and on my list. ;)
    thanks for the great pics and video.

  4. You've gotten some gorgeous photos of this polish. I just got this collection a few months ago. I was shocked at how beautiful they were. They looked even better in person. This looks fantastic on you.

  5. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    ALLISON - application was nice - this is 3 coats =)

  6. oh this is so gorgeous!! clothes and make-up I never use such warm colors, Im` more into blues and purples as in the cool colors, but the polish....I make exceptions and this is one I still want as well ( I do own Gem.

  7. Wow this is the most amazing I've ever seen this polish look! It's absolutely gorgeous. This and Gem are probably my faves from this collection. Ohh, and Prize. =)

  8. Wow so beautiful! & a great fall color! :)

  9. This is my first time commenting, but I've been "stalking" your blog for awhile now :)
    First off, you have GORGEOUS nails!!! And I love watching your tutorials - you make it all look so easy! I've watched my collection of polishes grow and grow because everything looks so stinkin' great on you! I gotta say, I can get the same color, but I swear it looks a million times better on you!
    But onto my question. I actually just purchased some Konad and Bundle Monster plates and was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you apply them? I looked through your videos and I didn't see one - maybe I overlooked it? I know I can find a bunch of how-to's on youtube, but you're basically my favorite to watch for stuff like this :) I hope this isn't a dumb request - I've actually never done a "request" on anyone's blog before so this is all new to me O_o
    Anyway, thanks for sharing all your great work!


Thanks for commenting! I will read every comment, and try to respond to any questions =)

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