Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NOTD: Barielle Elle's Spell (+ Matte Magic)

Elle's Spell is from Barielle's Holiday Hustle collection and is indeed perfect for the holiday - red, flaky, blingtastic goodness all over my nails ... even though it did take 4 coats to make it happen:

The Holiday Hustle collection also comes in a fun mini-set although I'll confess those normally turn me off because they don't have all the colors & are rarely the colors I would pick myself if I were choosing only 4 - but Elle's Spell is included in this one, so that's a plus.  They also have a holiday sale going on right now, so the more you spend the higher percentage you save - I don't think you even have to use a code =)

Here's a look at this awesome polish in motion:


I did matte-ify it for the 2nd day & it got, if possible, more awesome.  Matte just does such wonderful things to flakies:

What do you guys think of this color, are you as in love as I am?

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  1. WOW! I think I like it even better matte.

  2. this is definitely my favorite from that collection. If I get it, it'll be my first flakie polish =] Thanks for posting!

  3. looks great!! with the matte finish and all. I love fleaky polishes

  4. what a lovely nailpolish!!
    I love flakys!!

  5. Great color.. Love those subtle specks.

  6. This polish is totally on my Christmas list!

  7. I have to get this polish. I've seen it on a couple of other blogs. Yours is the best of course! Love it.

  8. Where do you get the Matte Magic??
    Thanks Camille @

  9. I love the redness of and at the same time it tells me it is christmas....


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