Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Short(er) Nails & Guest NOTD

OK, no need to scold me, before we even get to the pics I have to say right up front that I know they're not really short. But they FEEL short after having them so close to what would be my perfect length. What can I say, I like my nails long - although my friend told me she thought they were nearly to the point of too much. I told her well, they're not fetish-long, and she said yes they were - I said no they're not & she said well then put up a poll ... so what do you think readers? I'm assuming you're probably a long nail fan if you're hanging around here, LOL. But check out the poll at the upper right - just how long would you consider my nails?

So at this point you're probably wondering what exactly I'm fussing about. Well, it's been around a month since I gave you guys a glimpse of my nails without polish. I didn't take them down quite as much as I was planning to, but they're still considerably shorter I think. Here are some pics before & after filing today:

I was going to take my left hand even with my index finger but I just couldn't quite do it.

For Guest NOTD we have T's nails, I redid a patch for her & then did a fresh mani. This is Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Emerald Amethyst, and I forced her to take lots of pics in an attempt to capture the duo-chome lovliness of this old polish:

I did my own nails too, but I'm now wearing a holo - and you know that means lots of pics! Too many for me to edit right at the moment, as it's already pretty late for me to be posting. So stay tuned tomorrow! Thanks for reading.



  1. they still looking amazing hun

  2. your nails still look great Colette

    I just received Garnet Lapis (SH Nail prisms) in the mail yesterday, it looks amazing but is so sheer though: it took five coats to be opaque :( did you have the same issues with Emerald Amethyst?

  3. I think the nails look better with the shorter lenght. I'm not into "fetish long" nails anyway. ;)

  4. If your nails are "fetish long", then what are mine? To me, your favored length is "long". I did vote! I think we are just in a period where short or active length nails are more the norm. These things fluctuate like hemlines and hair length.

    The emerald amethyst is such a beautiful shade. I love purple and green together!

  5. SKYE - Thank you =)

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks =) The Emerald Amethyst is actually only 2 coats, although I did make them very thick coats. This collection has to be at least 10+ years old I think? So I'm not surprisd they're getting kind of weird conistency.

    I have a bottle of Garnet Lapis as well that I just looked at, & it does seem even thinner than the EA ... must be something a little different in the formula between the 2 colors.

    SOLVEIG - Thanks for your input =)

    PAINTEDLADYFINGERS - LOL, you have great nails! I agree shorter nails seem to be "trendy" right now. Although long nails are still an "active length" for me, the day I can't do any activity due to my nail length is the day I really have to file them LOL.

  6. I think your nails are beautiful at either length. Wear what you feel is comfortable. My nails are finally getting some length. Their still short but they are looking better. I think it's all due to the Biotin.

  7. LUCY - The biotin can work wonders =)

  8. Hey, I have this duo-chrome colour too, and this inspired me to pull it out. I used it as a chevron shaped tip over a black base. It looks great!!

  9. ANON - I miss this old Sally Hansen line, I wish they'd reissue them all! =)

  10. I just used Emerald Amethyst tonight! I havent used my duochromes from SH since I have have been doing a lot of holos and glitter sandwiches lately. Thanks for stirring my interests again. I have a slight dislike to the greens that predominate the duos but I think they are appropriate for fall now. Keep growing...........


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