Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Knock Knock!"

"Who's there?"
"Another box."
"Another box who?"
"Another box full of polish!"

Hehe, forgive my cheesiness, but I'd forgotten that this was scheduled to come today & I literally squealed with inarticulate delight when I got home & saw it. Followed by much ooohhh'ing, aaahhh'ing, and sighing with delight. I don't know if I've mentioned these are my first Barielle polishes - I went hunting earlier this year, searching for Date Night (lemming fulfilled now btw) after seeing it swatched on several other blogs, but I was unable to find any store that carried their polish up here. But with the release of the All Lacquered Up collection (of which I bought 8 of the 12 colors) I couldn't resist an online order any longer:

Top row: Get Mauve-ing (which was missing it's label =( ... I emailed complaining), Lava Rock, Out-Grey-Geous, Slate of Affairs, Falling Star, Blackened Bleu, Polished Princess. Bottom row: Date Night, Misbehaving Mistress, Hidden Hideaway, Glammed Out Garnet, Two Timing.

I can't wait to try these out! Only one more package to go (I gave in & ordered the RBL blogger collection ... it is due Friday), then one Konad splurge & I honestly swear then I'm going on a no-buy. The amount of unworn polish I have it beyond absurd.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I want this box to come to mee also! :)

  2. NIce haul there girl! Looks like you have plenty to keep your little finger and toes busy as a bee :)


    BROOKE - OMG, I think I could do each hand & each foot a different color every day for the rest of the year & maybe still have some unworns left over LOL!

  4. I ordered the complete collection. I really like all the colors. What's not to like. Falling Star is my favorite.

  5. LUCY - I've been impressed with Barielle all around so far, this package came really quick & the polish is so nice.


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