Monday, August 31, 2009

NOTD: Swirly Goodness (AKA Best Konad EVER)

I'm going to get right to the pics so you can see what I'm so excited about; Claire's Magic, Konied with China Glaze BFF & plate m63:

I included pics of my thumb because I was actually happiest with how the seam turned out on that one (that's what the arrows are pointing out), since my thumb is both too long & too wide for a single stamp. BFF ended up as my prop instead of Magic because I used Magic in a couple shots pre-Konad.

I saw this combination of polish used by Kae over at The Hungry Asian & immediately envisioned it using the swirly pattern instead of flowers. This is one that turned out EXACTLY on my nail as it did in my head. There a moments I even forget they're "short" =).

Now I'm off the the great Minnesota State Fair, with a fully-charged camera & intentions of taking pics of everything we eat! Other stuff too, the fair isn't only about the food, but I think it's number one on most people's lists LOL. Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh wow! This is something for me!!! :) Once I get my konad, I will also try this. Looks great!

  2. Have to agree with Inbal in the WOW. Utterly stunning!

  3. wow! wow! wow! that's all i can say!

  4. Oh my've outdone yourself. These are just gorgeous, Colette - well done! :-)

    Have fun at the fair!

  5. ALLYOUDESIRE - Thank you =) Can't wait to see your version

    INBAL - =) Thanks

    NICOLE - Thanks =)

    JEN - Thank you =)

    JAMIE D - Thank you =)

  6. You really did a great job! I love it.

  7. Beautiful Colette! I thought you did marbel nails. Instead it's Konaded. Just gorgeous and love the color combination. I hope you post all your pictures. I'd love to see what the state fair looks like.

  8. NIHRIDA - Thank you =)

    SOLVEIG - Thanks!

    LUCY - I want to try marbling, but until then this is a great substitute. & the Fair pics are up now =)

  9. I love your mani, it came out great! Nice job and good luck with the contest :)


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