Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guest NOTD: ChG Emotion

Here is T's mani I did a few days ago ... she managed to get a nick in it before I even did the pics LOL, but here is China Glaze Emotion from the Romantique collection:

Got some pics of my mani to post also, and I realized I haven't posted my current pedi, but I didn't get around to taking pics of it even, so that will have to wait.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Ooh, she has lovely nails! I forgot how nice that Romantique collection was. . . .

  2. NIVIPA - Thank you, I will pass on the compliment =)

  3. How pretty are T's nails. I love that shade. It must be nice for her to have you do her nails. You are a terrific friend.

  4. LUCY - She is a little spoiled LOL but I like the opporutiny to use more colors in my stash =)


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