Sunday, August 30, 2009

Books 49-52

Naamah's Kiss
Kushiel's Legacy Book 7
Jacqueline Carey

This is a book in the same series as what I am re-reading with my friend T, but this one is brand-new, and set a few generations up the timeline. I think being in the process re-reading the first books, it was extra-nice to be able to have a new "episode" to enjoy.

Kushiel's Avatar
Kushiel's Legacy Book 3
Jacqueline Carey

Man, I could go on at length about this book, but it probably wouldn't make much sense if you haven't read it. Even T hasn't finished it yet & one of the reasons I started it was because she swore up & down she was going to read it in like 3 days & beat me to the finish for once. So much stuff from the 1st & 2nd books come around full circle, and Phedre's musings on the ways of the gods & her place in the grand scheme of things, and what part her free will plays in that grand scheme ... I don't know what to say beyond it kind of suited my mood at the time & came back in other areas of my life too.

Strange Brew
Edited by P.N. Elrod

Almost all of the authors in this anthology are favorites of mine, and the 3 that I hadn't read before lived up to the company they were keeping & (if I ever get the time ...) I'd like to check out some of their full-length novels. Sometimes anthologies are a challenge for me to get through but this one went pretty smoothly.

Kitty & the Midnight Hour
Kitty Norville Book 1
Carrie Vaughn

You know it seems like a lot of times werewolves come along when I'm reading about vampires, but off the top of my head I can't think of another book where there's actually a were as protagonist. Kitty is a werewolf, trying to hold on to the human side of her life & her mundane job as a late night DJ in Denver.

On a side note, last year at this time I was up to 91 books... just in case I had any doubts as to how much time blogging has claimed from my other hobbies LOL. Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog but I think I'll have to keep visiting :) You have some great ideas for nails and we have extremely similar tastes in books it seems! I keep thinking I need to read the Kushiel series but haven't yet. The Kitty series is really fun, I am always looking for the next in that one. Right now I'm reading the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine, not vamps or werewolves but still a great supernatural read!

  2. BLUEYEZ - Thanks for stopping by =) I wouldn't recommend the Kushiel series to everyone, due to the *ahem* more mature content, but the series is so much more than just some romance novel. They are honestly some of most well-written books I've ever read, with intricate individual storylines that also all fit together in the end. The Weather Warden series is on my list, I've read a few short stories by Rachel Caine but haven't managed to get around to the first in the series yet.

  3. Thanks for another book for my list. Actually a book 1! I'm reading an old series by Emma Holly(?). Vamps that are wolves. I forget the title. It was written in 2003. I'm being too lazy to get up and check the title. I called my girlfriend at the library! The title is Catching Midnight. I finished that and will read the rest of the series. I do have the brand new Karen Marie Moning book Dreamfever to read. Can't wait to crack that one open. Have you read this series?

  4. LUCY - I have heard of that Emma Holly series but when I looked my library only had the later books, not the first few. I suggested that they get it & I think it is now on order so I should be able to read it soon =) I don't think I've ever read Karen Marie Moning but I'll have to check her out.


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