Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For those of you unfamiliar with Nixxy's series, which I am compelled to contribute to, the acronym stands for "Men Who's Chest I'd Like to Rake My Nails Down." And after my friend Sam sent me a link to this pic at work, I knew I had to share.

I know I have a few readers who are fellow True Blood fans (or maybe just read the books), so you may or may not already know that the Fangtasia calendar is becoming a reality. And here is a taste - Eric as Mr. January (and yes, as always, click to enlarge =) I don't think he'd be amiss as desktop wallpaper):

Mmmm, who wouldn't like to rake some nails down those abs (or lower?)?

I've got to run to the grocery store with my mom, but when I come back I have every intention of posting my current NOTD, Color Club Revvvolution - which I'm sure you've seen before but is there really any way you could see too much of a good thing? Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. Yuuuum! Apparently this is a fan art photoshop deal and that's not Alex's real chest - but we can dream can't we? :D

  2. NIXXY - Awww, Photoshop, that's kind of lame (even if expected nowadays I suppose). Although after seeing him featured in Sookie's naked dream-sequence on the last episode, I can't imagine there was much editing that needed to be done LOL.


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