Sunday, August 30, 2009

Naked Nails 8/29

So, after much debate, I decided to file down my nails last night, and I thought I might as well do another before & after post. Because much as I love getting compliments for having flawless nails =) the reality under the polish is anything but LOL.

Here is the before picture, with my nails in all their patched glory. I have a love/hate relationship with patches, because I love being able to save my nails from tears & breaks, but I hate how many I end up wearing, mainly due to my own clumsiness:

I left my patches on while I filed down my nails, then took them off & gave my cuticles some attention; here is the after picture - still long I know & they feel "normal" to me but when I look down at them they seem stubby.

The main progress I've made in the last month that you can see in these pics (compared to at the beginning of the month) is that my middle & index fingers on my right hand finally have some decent length. The right thumb is still a PITA but I have the evidence patience will pay off if I just keep doing what I know works.

I made myself feel better with an awesome mani. I will be posting it as soon as I get sun pics tomorrow morning & before we leave - I will be off from work to go to the state fair with my family so for you early-birds it will probably be posted before lunchtime.

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  1. Thumbnails are so difficult to maintain. I've been trying to teach myself not to use them as tools so much. That's usually when I get into trouble! I have a certain patch limitation that tends to occur in February or March. Cold weather and my two thumb tool kit are problematic. Your nails look pretty at the shorter length too. Can't wait to see your mani!

  2. PAINTEDLADYFINGERS - I know what you mean, I am dreading winter because my nails always seem so much more brittle.

  3. Your nails look gorgeous! What do you do for your cuticles?

  4. Your nail look so healthy!! I was wondering how do you keep them from yellowing?? Keep up the wonderful job :)

  5. Wow! They look gorgeous, even filed down, which I'm sure you hated to do, but it's still a nice length!
    Can I ask what you use for patches??

  6. KAE - When I take off my polish (every day or 2 or 3) I exfoliate & moisturize & then push back my cuticles - I have a metal cuticle pusher but I think that is just persona preference. Then at least once a day, & more often if I remember, I use cuticle oil around the base, sides & under the free edge of the nail

    When I started doing my nails more often I had some problems with them getting really dry & peeling so I am religous with the oil - currently I am using California Mango Magic from Sallys, which I like the scent of plus it comes in a big refill bottle so I can always keep the little one with the brush full =)

    TOJLITA - Funny you should ask, I was just thinking they look much better in the after pic & decided it must be the lighting ... I don't do anything in particular, I think I have to give the credit to my base coat. I use a thick base, the brand is ProStrong & it's called ProTough Instant Nail Builder. It is the one part of my manicure routine that I haven't changed since I started blogging, because I am still very happy with it & see no need to change.

    NICOLE - I use Swiss Silk Self-Adhesive Wraps & IBD Gel Resin for glue, both of which are available at Sally's ... I did a tutorial a while ago that you can check out here for a step-by-step with picutres & stuff of how I do mine.

  7. Your nails look lovely without polish. I wouldn't show mine. They look terribly yellow. I wish there was something that we could use. It's so frustrating to have all that yellow. The length is really nice.

  8. LUCY - Thanks, I'm getting used to them this way & I'm not so worried now that they'll break


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